Smart Home Water Leak Detectors

Having a smart water leak sensor is worth every penny when it comes to having some peace of mind knowing you’re proactively protecting your home. Just ask Gary Gruber, a savvy homeowner who learned this lesson first-hand.

One day, he was getting ready for work when he received multiple texts from his smart water leak sensor system, alerting him that there was a leak near his water softener.

Gary raced down to the basement and found that water was spraying across the room. Thanks to those alerts, Gary moved quickly to prevent major damage.

“It’s a great tool for saving money by preventing huge losses. Those water leak sensors really saved the day!” Gary says.

Want to learn more? Let’s see how smart water sensor technology can help you proactively protect your home, just like it did for Gary.

How Does a Smart Water Sensor Work?

Water damage is a common cause of homeowner insurance claims. But, most damage — and costs — can actually be prevented with early detection systems, which is exactly what these smart home water sensor systems do.

These devices sense water leaks before they get out of hand, giving you a heads-up if something’s amiss with your kitchen sink, washing machine, refrigerator, water heater, dishwasher, toilet, etc. The sensor is designed to connect with your smart phone, tablet or computer, where you’ll be able to track the device. You’ll get an alert if the device detects water so you can take action. It puts you in control of what’s going on in your home, so you can rest easy.

Automatic Water Shutoff Sensors

Fortunately, smart home innovators are on top of their game, and many smart water sensors on the market actually shut off the water if a leak is detected. The result? You can avoid stress, hassle, and costly damage. Nice!

Thinking Smart Saves You Money

Certain smart water sensors may qualify you to receive a smart home discount on your American Family homeowners insurance policy, so be sure to check with your agent to find out how you can save.

Find out more about the benefits of smart home technology and gain peace of mind that you’re being proactive about your protection. Your American Family agent is a great resource to help you discover more about how smart home water sensors and other smart home tech can provide a safer, happier home.

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