The Simple Way to Declutter Your Home

Pursuing your dreams can be difficult when there’s too much clutter in your life! Whether you struggle with organizing your home, or simply own too much stuff, professional organizational specialist Jane Antonovich has tips for finding more space to live out your dreams.

Be choosy. Clutter can be intimidating, so it’s crucial to focus your efforts on one (and only one!) spot. Even if you have grand plans to de-clutter your entire home, start by narrowing down your attack. Pick a shelf, one side of a closet or a single room to give your attention to.

Empty out. At this stage, empty the space out completely. It can be tempting to start sorting items – don’t! Simply remove them and place aside until later.

Refresh. This is your chance for a fresh start! With the space now empty, wipe it down, sweep, mop, attack the cobwebs – even take time to make repairs or paint!

Edit it down. This is the most exciting but scariest step! Some things will be easy to let go of, others, much harder. If you’re not sure whether to get rid of an item, ask yourself: Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I choose it? If you answer no to all three, it’s time to sell, donate or recycle.

Sort. You’ve hemmed and hawed and finally decided what you’re keeping – Great job! Now, pair similar things together: outdoor gear, vases, jackets, batteries, shoes, art materials, etc. It can be helpful to make piles on the floor to see how much of each category you have.

Reorganize. It’s time to get creative! This step may involve shopping for containers, buckets, baskets, hangers, etc. to hold and display your previously sorted items. It’s important to do this step after you’ve sorted through what you’re keeping, so you know exactly what you need space for.

Put back the keepers. This is where the magic happens! Put the least used items up high or in the back. Make sure the things you always need are front and center and at your fingertips.

Beautify. Add something beautiful to the space. A special touch to make you smile the next time you open the door or walk in the room.

Celebrate! Take a moment. Turn on some music, do a happy dance, take a bubble bath, brag to someone, take a picture (before and after snapshots are fun!), take a well-deserved nap. Do something to celebrate your transformation!

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