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Tips for Hiring Quality Movers

Updated March 27, 2024 . AmFam Team

Smooth your move by hiring quality movers. Use our tips for hiring movers to help you get into your new home with peace of mind.

Moving and starting a new chapter is such an exciting time. But, let’s be honest — it comes with a decent amount of stress too. One of the biggest stresses is the actual move itself, which is why a good mover can save the day.

Selecting a quality mover that you can trust is vital to giving you peace of mind and ensuring your possessions arrive as expected. Our handy tips will help you hire movers that can start you on the path to a stress-free move.

Determine what you need. Are you leaving the house as is for the movers to pack and transfer, or are you just looking for help with a few heavy items? Knowing what you want in advance helps you prepare. Plus, it gives the movers important info to build an accurate estimate, like the number of employees they’ll need for the job, supplies, truck size and more.

Shop around. Moving companies vary a lot and, similarly, their prices can vary, too. Now that you know what you want and need, it’ll be easier for you to compare price, service and anything else that matters to you. Aim to get 3-5 quotes so you have a good range to review.

Get it in writing. Go beyond a quick and basic quote over the phone and see if the company will come to your home, take inventory and give you a written, itemized estimate. Take this tip with you to the final stages — make sure everything in the actual contract is spelled out — even the little extras and add-ons. Then, take the time to read the fine print.

Look beyond price. The least expensive mover may be the best for you, but this shouldn’t be your only criterion. Check reviews online, along with the Better Business Bureau, and be sure to watch out for added fees, how the company handles broken items or packing charges. And be wary of huge, up-front deposits. Price doesn’t always tell the whole story.

Now that you’re armed with the information you need to hire a quality mover, it’s time to get shopping! Good luck, and don’t sweat the small stuff — you’ve got this.

Did you know that your homeowners policy offers some personal property protection during a move? Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to learn more about what’s covered and what additional insurance you’ll need to protect your valuables.

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