The 411 on Winter Boat Insurance

Whether it’s preparing your boat for winter or finding the perfect location to store it in the off season, you’re all about taking proactive steps to keep your prized possession safe when the temperatures drop. But there might be one level of that protection process you may have overlooked – and that’s the question of boat insurance.

While you might be itching to save a couple bucks by canceling your policy when your boat is not being used, it’s important to know that just because it’s in storage doesn’t mean insurance isn’t needed. After all, there’s still those pesky year-round risks like fire, theft, and vandalism. And should the unexpected happen while your boat is uninsured, it would be up to you to pay for the damages out of pocket.

But Won’t my Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover my Boat?

In most cases, no. In the off chance your policy does extend to cover boats, it most likely has coverage limits up to $1000, and covers small and low-powered boats like canoes, kayaks, and small sail boats.

Am I Required to Have Boat Insurance in the Winter?

While it’s usually not a requirement by law, there are some case where boat insurance is required year-round. Factors such as where you live and whether or not you finance your boat might mandate boat insurance throughout the year.

So in the end, having boat insurance year-round is the smartest way to protect your boat. Still have questions? Your agent would be happy to walk you through the ins and outs of boat insurance.

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