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Identity Protection Insurance

Updated April 10, 2017 . AmFam Team

It’s easier than you think for someone to steal your identity and sidetrack the dreams you’re pursuing. That’s why identity theft coverage is so important!

You probably have your ducks in a row when it comes to insuring your physical belongings — like your car or home. But, what about protecting your identity?

In today’s world, it’s easier than you might think for someone to steal your identity and sidetrack the dreams you’re pursuing. That’s why we’re here to help!

The Key to Identity Restoration

Identity restoration involves having a protection program in place in the unfortunate event your identity is stolen. The key to restoring your identity? Having identity theft protection. You can add identity insurance to your existing homeowners, condo, renters or manufactured home insurance policy — it’s smart, simple and affordable!

What Does Identity Theft Protection Include?*

Proactively protecting your identity comes with its advantages:

Protects your pocket. This high-value, low-cost coverage helps protect against the high costs related to restoring your identity and good name. This endorsement covers expenses such as legal fees, loan reapplication fees, notary expenses and lost wages due to time taken from work to restore your credit.

Get support, save time, enjoy convenience. You’ll be making a lot of contact with businesses and credit reporting companies, which can take up a lot of time. With identity theft protection, you’ll have someone assigned to you to work with third parties like law enforcement, credit bureaus and collection agencies to help you get back on your feet again. They’ll work with you one-on-one to provide guidance through the resolution process, minimizing your stress, expenses and lost time.

Document replacement assistance. We’ll help you obtain new documents, like Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports and driver’s licenses if yours have been lost, stolen or compromised.

Proactive protection. We can’t stop identity theft, but we can help provide you with helpful resources, articles and tips on how to protect yourself from identity fraud. Starting with this guide to preventing identity theft!

Peace of mind. Having identity theft protection helps give you a peace of mind — because you know you have a plan in place. If your information were ever to fall in the wrong hands, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. Here’s a quick look at the identity theft recovery process, so you can see how identity theft coverage can help you overcome a number of obstacles.

How Much Does Identity Theft Coverage Cost?

Let’s put it this way. Adding identity theft coverage to your current policy will typically cost less than one dinner out with the family or friends. That sounds more satisfying than the appetizer you usually order, right?! Your agent will help you find the best, most affordable coverage.

Can You Add Identity Theft Protection to Renters Insurance?*

Absolutely! You can add identity protection to your renters insurance policy with a simple call to your agent. Consider all the information you have stored online and on your phone, like social media accounts and banking. It’s not fun to think about, but there are many ways your personal information can be found and used. As a renter, having this protection gives you peace of mind that if your identity was stolen, we’d be by your side to help you recover. 

Experiencing identity theft is stressful, there’s no denying that. But with our help and resources, you’ll get back on track — and you won’t be doing it alone. Talk with your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) to find out how adding identity theft protection to your homeowners coverage or renters insurance policy can help proactively protect you and your family.
This article is for informational purposes only and based on information that is widely available. This information does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or financial advice. You should contact a professional for advice specific to your situation.

*This information represents only a brief description of coverages, is not part of your policy, and is not a promise or guarantee of coverage. If there is any conflict between this information and your policy, the provisions of the policy will prevail. Insurance policy terms and conditions may apply. Exclusions may apply to policies, endorsements, or riders. Coverage may vary by state and may be subject to change. Some products are not available in every state. Please read your policy and contact your agent for assistance.

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