10 Holiday Budgeting & Money Saving Tips

The holiday season is a time for creating cherished memories with loved ones. But sometimes it can feel like a mad dash to the cash register and a drain on your holiday budget. Managing your holiday savings is the key to keeping holiday shopping fun. To help you keep your focus on fun, we've come up with 10 budget-friendly tips to help you save money during the holidays.

Make a holiday budget. Holiday budgeting is one step toward controlling the desire to spend this season. The second step is sticking to the budget. Give yourself a little flexibility, so it’s still fun, but keep your limits in mind.

Add your name to the list. Too often we go shopping for others and come home with stuff for ourselves. By putting your own name on the list you are giving yourself a well-deserved present and resisting the urge to impulse buy.

Skip regular entertainment expenses. You’ll be so busy visiting family and friends and going to holiday parties this season — who has time for date night anyway? Instead of your regular entertainment, make this a time to stay in and try new recipes while watching classic films on TV.

Make the thought count. An expensive gift is nice, but one that comes from the heart and “speaks” to the recipient is truly cherished. Resist the urge to buy last minute big items. Instead, shop with thoughtful purpose.

Handmade holidays. Put your individual skills and talents to use and make as much as you can this season. From holiday decorations and gifts to delicious treats. Let your star shine bright and show others what you can do.

Try a gift-giving game. If you have a large group, skip buying individual presents for everyone and try a present game. Set a reasonable amount for everyone to spend and then pick a holiday game to play. Who knows, you may just create a new holiday tradition while saving big!

Use coupons. There are discounts everywhere during the holidays, but planning a shopping trip based around coupons takes a little effort. If you’re willing to invest the time, your wallet will reap the rewards. Remember, if you’re online shopping — always search for coupon codes.

Ask for a discount. Whether you’re shopping in a store or online — ask if there’s a discount or coupon. You’ll find that the checkers in stores frequently hold coupon codes at their station but don’t use them unless you ask. If you’re buying online, use the chat feature to ask if they can give you a discount.

There’s an app for that. Research apps to find one that helps you find deals at the stores and online. A few apps you may want to start checking out are: Flipp, Shopular, and ShopSavvy.

Go back and get the sale price. Many of the bigger retailers will honor sale prices if you bought the item at full price within a certain number of days from your purchase. Keep your receipts and watch for deals.

As an added tip, shop this year’s sales for next year. It never hurts to take advantage of those deep discounts that the stores offer immediately after the holidays. Not only will you save money, but you’ll relieve some of next year’s shopping stress. And that makes the holidays just a little more joyful!

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