9 Steps to a Spring Ready Motorcycle

When winter melts away and spring has sprung, all you can think about is dusting off your bike, revving up the engine and hitting the open road. But not so fast! Take these 9 steps to ready your motorcycle and head into the riding season in tip-top shape.

Test the tires. Starting from the bottom up, check the pressure of both tires and take extra time to examine their condition. If you notice any cracking or significant wear, it may be time to replace them.

Examine the brakes. The cold weather can cause cracks and wear on your brake system, so be on the lookout for any necessary repairs. And start fresh by flushing out the system and replacing the brake fluid.

Oil it up. You may have changed your oil and replaced the filter when you winterized your bike, but if not, you’ll want to do that now — it’s good to give it a healthy start to the riding season.

Check your battery. When your motorcycle sits still for months at a time, the battery can drain and even die. It’s smart to charge it occasionally throughout the winter months, but if you forgot to do so, it may need replacing.

Change the fuel filter. Give your bike a clean start by replacing the fuel filter and filling it up with a fresh tank of gas.

Inspect all moving parts. The chain, kickstand, throttle shifter — all these parts can get dried out and even rusty while in storage. Lubricate where you need to and loosen up your bike ahead of time.

Scope out the spark plugs. Check all spark plugs individually and look for things like oil leakage, ash deposits or overall wear and tear. Some may need replacing before your season can begin.

Light it up. Rev up the engine and do a quick check on all the headlights, taillights and turn signals. It’ll help light the way to some great riding!

Give it a spring cleaning. Give your ride a good cosmetic cleanup before showing it off to the world — dust it off, wash the nooks and crannies, give it a proper waxing. It’ll look brand new in no time.

Check these all of your list? Great! Now it’s just you, your bike and the open road. What could be better?

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