8 Tips for Safer Tractors

When it comes to your farm dreams, tractors play a huge role — and operating them safely is important. Take these safety steps when it comes to using your tractors and keep your farm dreams thriving: 

Get to know your machine. Read your operator’s manual before using your tractor. 

Keep tractor roll-over protection structures in place. If your tractors don’t have these, get them installed today. 

Prep for protection. Always buckle up when operating a tractor and don’t let anyone ride on tractor fenders, hitches, attachments or implements. 

Get familiar with your work area. Knowing when and where the terrain changes and what obstacles you might encounter is the key to safely using your equipment.  

Start smarter. Never start an engine in a closed shed or garage — this can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels.  

Cool down before filling up. Don’t refuel or add coolant to the radiator while the engine is running hot. 

Motor off. Always disengage the power take-off before getting off a tractor. Never leave a running tractor unattended — always shut it down before you leave the seat.

When it comes to handling big equipment like tractors, make sure to make time for these safety steps.  After all, practicing safety first will help you grow your farm to its fullest potential.

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