Safe Fences for Your Cattle

Cattle Fence Safety for Your Farm

Fences can do a lot to keep your livestock protected, which is why it’s important to install and maintain them correctly. Keep in mind that different animals need different types of fencing. Here are general guidelines for barbwire cattle fencing:

Numbers count. Fence should contain three to five wires.

Distance matters. The top wire should be at least four feet from the ground, and the bottom wire should be at least 18 inches off the ground.

Space with care. Center wires should be evenly spaced between the top and bottom wire.

Secure smart. All wires should be tight and securely fastened to fence posts.

Get electrified. Barbed wire should be at least 13-gauge.

Post even. Posts should be no more than 16.5 feet apart; 12 feet is preferred.

Height is key. Posts should be anchored at least two-and-a-half feet in the ground and stand at least four feet above ground.

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