How Technology is Changing Agriculture

Technology continues to change the landscape of farming. And with new technology becoming available every day there are many options to consider. What technology do you add to your farm to get the most for your investment? Where do you recoup the value, in time or in profits? Let’s look at some farm technology options and how they might benefit you.

Available Farm Technology and What It Does

Autoguidance and GPS. This technology isn’t new and it’s clear to see why it was one of the first to be embraced by farmers. Autosteer paired with GPS reduces overlap and makes banding fertilizer and strip-tilling possible. This gives you both time-saving value and makes the most of your land with the benefits of the strip-till conservation system.

Yield monitors. A yield monitor on a combine gives the farm a great way to track production and define management zones. This gives you the information you need to make adjustments and year-round management decisions that can boost your harvest.

Soil moisture sensors. These handy devices can let you know what the moisture conditions are like under the surface. It tells you when plants need water or when they have enough. One of the big perks here is saving water. If you’re facing water restrictions this is a great boon, but even if you’re not, avoiding unnecessary watering saves money.

Drones. Have you seen a drone hovering over a field yet? They’re becoming more and more popular because of all the data they can provide. They can create 3D maps of your fields throughout the season, they can plant by shooting pods and nutrients into the soil, drones are adept at spraying fields and their versatility keeps expanding.

New Farm Technology

Do you love to see sci-fi type concepts come to life on the farm? The following companies specialize in new farm technology and have some great future-forward ideas you may see very soon.

Bovcontrol. Bovcontrol is a technology start up that uses the cloud-based data to track your cattle. From inventory to nutritional needs, all of the information you need is easily accessible and managed. The future goal is to give you an analysis tool that takes your data to create solutions that improve performance on meat, milk and genetics production.

CropX. Imagine being able to water each plant according to its needs, rather than watering the entire field. This is the goal of CropX with its in-field sensors. The wireless sensors in the field gather data that is used to develop adaptive irrigation software solutions with the aim of boosting your crop yield while saving water and energy.

Trace Genomics. Microbes and biological data in soil is analyzed and then transferred into information that will help farmers maximize their yields in a customized way. The goal is to create an affordable way to detect hundreds of pathogens and beneficial organisms simultaneously with strain-specific identification. This opens the door to successfully treating your soil for healthy results that boost crop yield.

This ever-changing profession makes smart use of technology to change the entire field. Today’s options give farmers the versatility they need with customization that fits their farm. American Family Insurance is rooted in farming and has grown with you for nearly 90 years. Connect with your agent to ensure you’ve got all the farm and ranch coverage you need and to review any new farm equipment you may want to protect.

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