3 Must-Know Auto Recall Tips

In recent years, auto recalls have become fairly commonplace. In fact, as of 2014, an estimated 1 out of 5 cars on the road were impacted by recalls. 

That’s significant.

At American Family Insurance, we care about you, and we want to help you take smart, proactive steps when it comes to keeping you and your family safe on the road. 

Here’s what to know and do about auto recalls:

Visit safercar.gov. Want to know if your car is affected by a recall? Check out www.safercar.gov for news and updates, and use the search tool to look up recalls specific to your vehicle. 

Sign up for alerts. Get timely recall updates via email by subscribing to the NHTSA’s recall notification service. You also can download the SaferCar app for Apple or Android devices. 

Take action. We know how busy life can get, but if you get a recall notice, try to get your car fixed as soon as you can. By law, you won’t have to pay for repairs if the recall is announced 10 years or less after the date of the car’s original purchase date, according to the NHTSA. But even if your car is older than that, your safety is still worth every penny when paying for the repairs yourself.

We’re here to support and protect you on every mile of your journey through life. That’s why we’re giving you the knowledge you need and steps to take for auto recalls. By proactively working to prevent unplanned surprises like recalls, you can keep pursuing your dreams fearlessly.

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