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4 Ways to Drive Away Road Rage

Dreams of driving down the open road — windows down, music up — rarely include traffic jams and long commutes. Driving is an exhilarating way to escape, especially when you’re able to fully relax. When you feel like your commute or another driver is cranking up the frustration factor, it’s easy to let aggressive driving and road rage get the best of you.

When that happens, try these tips to keep your cool.

The Relaxed, Rage-Free Ride

Project before you react. Before your lay on the horn or stomp on the gas, take a deep breath. Will it get you out of traffic faster? Will your anger negatively impact you or another driver? Thinking through your reactions is an easy way to cut through tension and reduce your risks on the road.

Keep it comfy. Listening to music, talk shows or podcasts that make you happy can go a long way in reducing road rage. So turn it up, soak it in and sing along.  

Map it and app it. Knowing your route before you head out can go a long way in making your drive less stressful. And a real-time traffic app can give you a better idea of the road ahead and minimize your time in frustrating jams.

Well rested and ready to go. So you’re a little sleepy. No big deal, right? Actually, you’ll be prone to annoyance, resentment and anger if you’re missing out on ZZZs.  Get some sleep and you’ll be the hero of the highway.

We all have the power to control our emotions while driving. When you stay calm, you'll drive less aggressively and help yourself stay road-rage free. Let your positivity provide an extra layer of protection!

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