Better Winter Gas Mileage

There’s nothing like being all safe and cozy in your car when you’re driving in cold weather. 

But did you know that chilly temperatures can lower your car’s gas mileage? Over time, that can cost you money that you otherwise could use toward pursuing your dreams.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some super smart tips to improve gas mileage whenever you’re driving in a winter wonderland.

Don’t idle too long. Get warmer faster, get better gas mileage and reduce fuel emissions by letting your car idle for only 30 seconds before driving off. Longer idling can mean lower gas mileage and spewing more exhaust.

Park where it’s warmer. Parking in warmer places like your garage will keep your engine warmer, which can help improve your fuel economy.

Be energy savvy. Set your car’s heater at a lower temperature and turn it off when you’re warm enough. Use seat warmers and defrosters only when necessary.

Good tire pressure is key. Cold air reduces tire pressure, so check the air more often in winter. Appropriately filled tires improve fuel efficiency. 

Combined trips = savings. Short trips in the winter can be real gas guzzlers! Consolidate trips whenever possible to avoid driving a lot with a cold engine.

Take off your mittens and give yourself a high-five! By taking these easy steps, and following our all-season Tips for Conserving Gas, you’ll get better winter gas mileage and save money toward things that matter most.

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