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Roadside Assistance & Insurance

Updated January 1, 1 . AmFam Team

Have you ever wondered if using roadside assistance could increase your insurance rates? Learn if and how using roadside assistance may affect your premiums.

Consider what you would do if you found yourself stranded with a flat tire or out of gas — wouldn’t it be nice knowing you have support that’s just a phone call away? Insert Emergency Roadside Assistance. It’s an added coverage on your auto insurance policy that gives you 24/7 support to get you back on the road — no matter where you are.

But do you really need this service and how will it affect your insurance rates? We’ve got some answers for you.

What Is Considered a Roadside Claim?

Let’s first take a look at what’s considered a roadside claim. Most emergency services will provide all or partial payments for towing, flat tires, delivery of oil or fuel when you run out, locksmith services, a dead battery and maybe even some minor repairs. Of course your policy will vary, but these are standard situations.

Emergency roadside service is typically offered by your auto insurance company and other, travel-specific groups — like AAA. There are differences in price, coverage and services offered so it’s a great idea to do a little research to figure out which plan is best suited for your unique situation.

Do Roadside Assistance Claims Affect Premiums?

Now, on to the question you really want to have answered — if I use my emergency roadside service, will my insurance rates increase?

The short answer — it depends on how you use it.

Most insurance companies want you to use your emergency roadside coverage in order to be proactive about your safety. If you use it infrequently and only when you really have an emergency, then you can be pretty certain your insurance rates will not be affected.

On the other hand, if you call for a jump every morning from your driveway or you regularly run out of gas, you may see a change in your rates, depending on your insurance carrier. Insurance companies want to be there to help when you really need it — in those true emergency situations.

How Many Times Can I Use Roadside Assistance?

Typically roadside assistance plans don’t cut you off when you hit a certain number of uses, but each insurance company has different guidelines — some have limits while other allow unlimited use — so it’s a great idea to check your policy. With American Family Insurance, your safety is our priority and we want to see you get back on the road again as quickly and easily as possible.

Connect with your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) to learn more about how you can get Emergency Roadside Assistance — They’re happy to discuss your policy with you and help you get all the auto coverage you need to have peace of mind on the road.

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