Meet the Best Car Travel Apps

Whether you’ve been on a million road trips, or never been on one, these car travel apps will be great company to keep. The perfect navigator, an entertaining storyteller, a reliable snack buddy. Whatever your road trip needs, chances are you can find it in an app.

Getting Started

Waze (Free on iTunes and Google Play). This crowd-sourced navigation app not only gives real-time traffic updates, but includes speed traps and allows you to compare gas prices. With so many features in one place, this app sounds like one of the best Waze to go when it comes to navigation.

Google Maps (Free on iTunes and preloaded on Android devices). Good old reliable Google Maps, provides turn-by-turn, lane-by-lane navigation and notifies you once a faster route becomes available.

GasBuddy™ (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Here’s another crowd-sourced app that helps you find the lowest gas prices in your vicinity. The updated prices are accompanied with timestamps so you never drive out of the way based on outdated information.

On the Road

RoadTrippers (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Put in your start location and end destination, and based on your interest, RoadTrippers will map out attractions along the way for you to stop and enjoy. It will also calculate estimated time, gas mileage and expense. And, don’t forget to rate, review and save your favorite stops.

Spotify® (Free on iTunes and Google Play). No road trip is complete without tunes. Make as many playlists as you like or listen to suggested playlists based on your interest. If you’re not a fan of shuffle play or ads, upgrade to Spotify Premium for a fee, but either way, you’ll find the perfect soundtrack for your trip.

Audible (On iTunes and Google Play). A long car ride is one of the best times to catch up on your reading. Or should we say, listening? Audible offers thousands of audiobooks from classics to new releases. A membership is required, but your first month is free, and every month after comes with a credit for one book plus savings on any other books you purchase.

Triposo (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Triposo pulls from millions of websites to offer recommendations based on your interests, location, weather, time of day and more. It provides articles on destinations as well as detailed maps. You can book hotels, tours, activities and transportation all in one place. And the best part, it works offline! No worrying about losing service or roaming charges.

Take a Break

iExit™ (On iTunes and Google Play). No more hoping the next exit comes soon, or has what you need. Know when an exit is coming and what restaurants, gas stations, hotels and other amenities are there. See how far off route a stop will take you, and if you’re a planner, select a highway and map out stops in advance.

SitOrSquat (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Good public restrooms are so hard to find. But with this simple app, plan restroom breaks in advance or along the way based on reviews and photos. Filter the results to your needs (baby changing station, handicap accessible), save your favorites for the trip back and even add new locations to the database.

TV Food Maps (Free on iTunes and Google Play). All the restaurants featured on your favorite Food and Travel channel shows are just waiting to enhance your road trip. Find restaurants featured on shows like Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, map their locations, and get notifications when you’re near. An entire road trip could be planned around this app alone!

Hotel Tonight (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Whether your reservations fell through, or you didn’t make any to begin with, Hotel Tonight will help you find and book a last-minute room in hotels that range from luxury to budget.

In Case of Emergency (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Described as the Uber of roadside assistance, directly pinpoints your location, gives you a precise time of arrival and shows real-time travel as help makes it way to you. The app also alerts family when you’re in need of help, so no matter where you are, you’re never alone on the road.

With these convenient car travel apps in your back pocket, you’ll be covered and you’ll cover a lot of ground. Now, time to hit the road!

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