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Usage-Based Programs Overview


Usage Based Car Insurance With KnowYourDrive® App

Take control of what you pay for insurance

At American Family Insurance, we want to give you more control over how much you pay for car insurance — and help you become a safer driver in the process. That’s why we’re offering free access to our innovative smartphone app, KnowYourDrive. It’s a usage-based car insurance program that offers up to a 20% discount based on how safe a driver you are. Enroll in KnowYourDrive today to get a 10% introductory offer.
Imagine if you could take control of what you pay for car insurance with KnowYourDrive, you can. KnowYourDrive is an auto insurance discount program from American Family Insurance that offers a discount based on how safe a driver you are. It gives you a closer look at your driving behaviors and free access to tools that help you learn better driving habits and keep your costs down.

How does it work? It's simple. The safer you drive, the more you can save. Up to a 20% discount on your car insurance premium. When you enroll, you'll automatically start with a 10% discount. As a bonus, you could qualify for a free travel piece of mind package just for participating in KnowYourDrive. Plus, the KnowYourDrive app is free to download and easy to use.

The app tracks your driving habits, such as how frequently your vehicle slows or stops abruptly, how much time you spend driving over the speed limit, and if you engage in distracted driving habits such as texting while driving. Then that information helps us determine the discount on your premium. Within the app, your current discount will be front and center each time you launch the app. An interactive map breaks down how often you drive with risky behavior for each trip. At-a-glance reporting shows how the other drivers on your policy are contributing to your discount. Plus, insights into your driving habits encourage you to avoid distracted driving. Remember, putting your phone down and going hands-free for your music, calls, navigation and more can help to boost your discount!

Note that your rate will never go up due to your enrollment in KnowYourDrive. The app only affects the size of your discount on your premium. The safer you drive, the more you can save. To continue having your new discount applied at each policy renewal, you'll need to stay enrolled in KnowYourDrive. It's that easy. Plus, each driver on your policy can also participate in the program. And if you ever want to opt out of the program, just choose the opt out option in My Account or contact your agent.

Ready to take control of what you pay for car insurance? Contact your agent to enroll in KnowYourDrive today.

Jump in the Driver's Seat and Save Up to 20%

By using the KnowYourDrive smartphone app, you'll get a close look at your driving behaviors and free access to tools that'll help you learn better driving habits and keep your costs down.

It's all about giving you more control over your costs and making the roads safer at the same time. Watch our video to learn more about KnowYourDrive and and our pay-how-you-drive program.

So, How Does the KnowYourDrive Program Work?

It’s simple — you’ll download the KnowYourDrive app and it’ll monitor your driving behavior, from braking to speeding and other important actions. This usage-based car insurance program is designed to benefit you by helping you form smarter driving habits — which ultimately can help you save money!

What are the requirements?

To qualify for KnowYourDrive, you must be insured with an American Family car insurance policy. You can start using the program at any time and drivers of all ages and from all states qualify. Not all drivers under the same household or policy have to participate in the program.


The KnowYourDrive app will monitor your driving behavior, from braking to speeding and other important actions. The safer you drive, the more you can save money on your car insurance premium.

Save on Your Premium

We'll use the information based on your driving behavior to determine your discount, which ranges from 2 to 20 percent. And don't worry, your rate will never go up based your driving behavior! You can opt out of this discount program at any time.

Using the KnowYourDrive App

Here’s everything you need to know about the KnowYourDrive app, its different features and how it monitors driving behavior to calculate discounts.

Current Policy Discount, Driving Screens & Drivers on Policy

See that number? That’s your discount! This number will flex based on your driving behavior throughout your policy term and eventually be applied during your policy renewal. So you have time to maximize your discount for more savings!

Here’s also where you can track all the drivers on your policy and take a closer look at each driver’s behaviors, including hard brakes and speeding. This is where you’ll get an in-depth look into how your actions affect your discount. We want to be as transparent as possible so you know exactly which areas you need to improve upon to get your discount up.

Recent Trips

The KnowYourDrive app tracks your trips and provides details for each time you hit the road. So whether it’s a short trip across town or a longer road trip with friends, you can check your behavior and see where you did well and where you could improve. It’s up to you to make safe driving choices — we’re here to provide positive feedback and reinforcement. Oh, and that discount.

Distracted Driving

Sending a text, fiddling with music, even entering an address into that nifty GPS on your phone — distracted driving is doing anything that takes your attention away from the task of driving. The KnowYourDrive app puts a spotlight on your risky behaviors by tracking your distracted behavior when you’re driving.

6 Essentials to Know About KnowYourDrive

1. Top Three Questions About KnowYourDrive

Keeping your discount, driving behavior and distracted driving — your top 3 questions, answered.

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2. Required Phone Permissions for KnowYourDrive

The KnowYourDrive smartphone app requires Location, Activity/Motion & Fitness and Phone permissions.

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3. What does KnowYourDrive count as distracted driving?

Playing games, making handheld calls, texting and other activities count as distracted driving.

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4. How does KnowYourDrive know if I’m driving?

The app automatically detects when you’re driving, plus you can edit and remove trips if needed.

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5. Best Ways to Avoid Hard Braking with KnowYourDrive

Driving defensively and reducing distractions are just a couple ways to reduce hard braking and improve your savings.

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6. Top Tips to Avoid Speeding with KnowYourDrive

Cruise control and keeping an eye on the speedometer can help you avoid speeding and earn a better discount.

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KnowYourDrive FAQs

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Need help?
  • For help with the app, general feedback, or for questions about how KnowYourDrive works, please contact 1-800-MY-AMFAM ext. 79510 or knowyourdrive@amfam.com.