Protect Your Ride Year-Round

Protecting your car goes beyond just having the right car insurance. It’s something you can do each time you get behind the wheel. Revisiting the fundamentals is always a great way to remind yourself of driving safety basics, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and keep you focused on the path to your dreams.

Stay out of the puddles. Puddles can hide both small and deep potholes, both of which can damage your car. Even if there isn’t a pothole, the water can have an effect on your brakes and diminish your stopping power.

Don’t overlook the overpasses. Overpasses and bridges change temperature faster than surface roads, which can lead to unexpected freezing and thawing, which can create unpredictable road conditions.

Prepare for pedestrians. As the seasons change, so do the activities of pedestrians. Being aware of pedestrians and bikers in any weather and all seasons protects way more than just your dreams.

Rough roads are rough rides. Unmaintained and underdeveloped roads are more dangerous to drive on, and can damage your car, too.

Give your car a check-up. As your vehicle ages, time and weather take their toll. Check your vehicle for damaged or worn parts, including windshield wipers and headlights.

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