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6 Crafty Housewarming Party Ideas

There are few things in life quite as exciting as buying and moving into a new home. No matter if it’s a starter home or the house of your dreams, it’s a huge milestone! And you’ll want to show it off to your friends and loved ones — odds are they can’t wait to see it.

So it’s time to throw yourself a housewarming party! But only if you can do it without breaking the bank. After all, the transition into homeownership isn’t cheap.

Here are some tips to help tap into your creativity and throw the party of the year while on a budget:

Upcycle your invites. Remember those paint chip samples you used to choose your wall colors? Don’t discard them — turn them into fun and creative invites! Simply use a sharpie to list out the details of the party and send them out to your friends. They’ll love the originality and you’ll save some change. Win-win!

Welcome your guests. Make it crystal clear where the party’s at by adorning your front door with a handmade welcome sign or tying some festive balloons to your mailbox. This way no one will get lost and you’ll set the cheery tone before your guests even walk through the door.

Display DIY décor. No need to spring for expensive decorations from a party store. You’ve got this! Put your inner creative to the test by crafting up some festive décor — paper garlands, painted banners, hole-punch confetti, etc. All you need is a fun pop of color to keep the party going!

Stick to finger food. The pressure of cooking a 4-course meal can keep you from enjoying yourself, and hiring in caterers is just not worth the cost. So throw a casual afternoon shindig and whip up easy treats and snacks! Consider crowd favorites like cupcakes, chips and dip, mini sliders and veggie trays.

Create memories. If you want a memento to remember this fun day by, consider setting out a guest book for people to sign. And don’t be afraid to diverge from the traditional route! Pinterest is chalk-full of fun ideas for turning a guest book into a decorative piece for your home. Framed posters, drink trays, crafty puzzles — you name it, people have done it. And you can too!

Craft party favors. To thank your guests for warming your home, give them a small gift to enjoy. They don’t have to be extravagant and you can even make them on your own. Some fun ideas include DIY paint chip coasters or magnets, homemade birdseed feeders or creatively packaged treats. Bonus points for matching the gift to the theme of your party!

Homeownership is certainly a thing to celebrate, and your loved ones will be happy to join in on the party. So take these steps to a fun and creative first gathering and you’ll form memories that last for years to come. Enjoy it!

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