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Make the Most of the Little Things to Declare Your Love

We express love in many ways, big and small. But the truth is, grand gestures and expensive gifts often have less of an impact than the little things — the everyday moments that say, “I love you.” From baking cookies together to breakfast in bed to a homemade card, it’s the small things that mean the most.

Here are some simple ideas for little things that go a long way in showing your loved ones how much you care.

Feed Your Love

It’s no secret that food is often used to express love. From eating together as a family to making a meal for a friend experiencing hardship, we use food to show we care. And while a romantic dinner out is a popular way to celebrate your love, consider other options to expand your palate and pamper your person all year long. 

Breakfast in bed never gets old

Treat your someone special to a spread filled with their favorite morning treats. Extra points for cooking everything from scratch!

Explore tastes of the world

Immerse yourselves in another culture with online cooking classes like those from The League of Kitchens. Or, try out a meal kit delivery service that makes it fun and simple to prepare and then enjoy dinner together.

Make it last

Food subscription boxes are all the rage. Try a service that delivers meals to your doorstep to satisfy your love’s cravings — and reminds them you care — all year long.

Eat local

Support your community’s restaurants while treating your loved ones to a takeout meal of their choice, weekly or monthly.

Share Your Love

Whether together as a family or one-on-one with a special someone, spending time with those you love is one of the simplest ways to show you care. From activities that build stronger bonds to peaceful moments to unwind and recharge, here are some tips for sharing quality time with your love.

Disconnect together

Unplug from your phones and the TV, and reconnect over the pages of a book you pick out to read together. From romance novels to sci-fi thrillers, the options are endless.

Learn something new

Sign up for a virtual class to explore your loved one’s favorite hobby, or choose a fun activity that’s new to you both. From online dance lessons to watercolors, the sky’s the limit!

Be kind

Take note of any household tasks and chores that might be weighing your partner down, and surprise them by tackling them on your own. Extra special cleaning and organizing can make an especially big impact. Junk drawer, we’re looking at you!

Practice your penmanship

Go old school and craft handwritten notes for your special someone. Or, if you haven’t been able to visit those you love in person, reconnect through letters or homemade cards sent through the mail. They’re a great activity for kids, too!

Give Your Love

Gifts are an easy way to express affection. But you don’t need to spend a lot to make a meaningful statement from the heart. Instead, think thoughtful and creative when it comes to gifts for your love. Check out these ideas to get started.

Delight with music

Create a playlist of songs that mark special moments in your relationship. Or consider getting tickets for a virtual concert to enjoy while snuggled up together at home!

Preserve precious memories

Your phones and social media albums are probably bursting with amazing photos that capture your love. Create a photo book to preserve special moments for a gift that will last a lifetime.

Go beyond the usual suspects

While candy and flowers are typically a safe bet, consider spreading your love for a bigger impact by donating to or volunteering for a charity you both care about.

Give — and get — peace of mind

Purchasing life insurance is one of the best ways to show your loved ones just how much you care. A life insurance policy is a big step in helping to protect the financial future of those who matter most.

Learn About Life Insurance Coverage for Your Loved Ones

Life insurance is a smart way to show how much you care, with lasting impact and affection. To learn more about life insurance from American Family Life Insurance Company, connect with your American Family Insurance agent. They can help you understand what amount of coverage is right for your needs and walk through different options to get the protection your loved ones deserve.

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