How to Organize Your Kids' Room for Back to School

With a little effort, cleaning up your kid’s room can turn into it an organized and clutter-free space. So, slide into the school year stress-free by following these tips to clean and organize your kids’ room for the year ahead.

Materials and Supplies to Clean a Bedroom

Kids seem to make a mess without even trying. Tackle their bedroom by gathering all the materials to make it sparkly clean again. Invite your kids to help clean up so they'll learn what to do next time. Here are a few top-down ways to get your kid’s bedrooms in order for the school year ahead.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Clean terrycloth or paper towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Furniture polish
  • Microfiber cloths for wiping down furniture
  • Feather duster
  • Broom and dust pan
  • Vacuum cleaner with extension attachments
  • Cardboard boxes for donations and garage sale items

Take a top-down approach. This method is great for rooms that are getting thoroughly cleaned. Start by dusting the tops of book cases, wiping window casings and sills, ect. Next, attend to surfaces lower down. If any dust or dirt falls to the floor, you’ll clean that up when you sweep or vacuum.

Clean the ceiling fans. Use that feather duster to wipe the dust off ceiling fan blades. Then you can chase the dust bunnies that fall to the floor later.

Remove the clutter. Have your kids go through their room and put the things they want to save away. Everything that remains after they're done will either be donated, moved or disposed of. Grab that garbage bag, and toss the trash that’s been left on the dresser and desk.

Get rid of the garbage. Things will linger in the kid’s room, like old popsicle sticks or wrappers. Move the dishes to the kitchen and toss out the garbage.

Wipe it down. Once the surfaces are free of extra things, spray and wipe them down with an appropriate cleaning spray.

Wash the windows. Spray the windows with glass cleaner and wipe them down with terry cloth or paper towels. And if your windows tilt in easily, wipe down the exterior side.

Get the laundry going. Have your kid pick up all their clothes across the room and separate them into two piles: clean and dirty. Move the dirty pile to the washing machine and put away the clean ones. Remember to pull the linens off the bed and wash those too.

Sweep, vacuum and mop. Now it’s time to get serious with the floor cleaning. Pick up larger items and let your little one lend a hand here. Have them hold the dust pan while you’re sweeping up and give older kids a chance to vacuum if you feel they’re up to the task. Follow up and mop that floor to finish strong!

Revisit the closet. Take a look at those long-forgotten outfits and sort out the clothes that your kid has outgrown. While you’re there, organize your child’s closet with cubbies or other organizing ideas to maximize the space.

Try a New Approach to Keeping Your Kid’s Room Organized

Now that the room is clean, it’s time to rethink the way your children use the room. Take a look at these tips to upgrade you kid’s bedroom so it’s more orderly in the year ahead.

Reduce the clutter. Make sure you have plenty of storage options where the kids can put their toys, shoes and other things that often clutter up a room. Clear plastic containers that can slide under the bed are great for organizing stuffed animals and help to make the most of available storage space.

Dedicate space for a hamper. Kids love throwing their clothes everywhere — put a laundry basket in their room and teach them to throw dirty clothes in the basket instead of on the floor.

Make room for a calendar. Reserve a section of wall for a whiteboard or chalk board paint so your kids can play and jot down notes across the school year. Have them write out a weekly calendar every Sunday so they know what activates are coming up.

Print out a morning checklist. Create a checklist that your young ones can easily complete each morning before school. Make the bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, check backpack, etc. — their morning routine is about to be less chaotic! A checklist also teaches your kids to be accountable and independent.

Designate a school corner. Carve out an area in the room that is designated for school. Put up hooks where they can easily hang their backpack, jacket and outfit for the next day. Especially with young kids, save time in the morning by picking out all of their outfits for the week on Sunday and elect a dresser drawer that’s solely for these outfits.

Reward clean up time with screen time. Don’t forget to designate Sunday night for a fifteen minute super-sonic cleaning session and reward them by giving them fifteen extra minutes of screen time. Make it more fun for the kids by cranking up the music. This will help them keep their room less messy during the week.

A tidy space offers a more relaxing, positive vibe. And it can help your kids head into the school week with not only a less-cluttered room, but a less-cluttered mind!

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