Organize Your Kids' Room for Back to School

Slide into the school year stress-free by following these tips to get your kid’s room organized — and stay organized — for the school year.

Make the bed. Have your kids make their bed every single morning. Not only will it instantly make their room appear more organized, but when they start the day by accomplishing this one simple task, they’ll be more motivated to meet other goals throughout the day.

Conceal clutter. Make sure you have plenty of storage options where the kids can put their toys, shoes and other things that often clutter up a room. Clear plastic containers that can slide under the bed are great for organization and utilizing space, colorful baskets can be used for toys and a shoe rack or hanging shoe shelf will help keep the closet tidy. Instant organization!

Basket case. Kids love throwing their clothes everywhere — put a laundry basket in their room and teach them to throw dirty clothes in the basket instead of on the floor. Not only will this help keep their room organized, but it’ll make laundry day easier for you, too!

Eliminate the excess. Go through every nook and cranny of the room and get rid of anything your kids don’t need. Outgrown toys, clothes that no longer fit, school items they don’t need — don’t hold back! This clears up space and also helps you create a list of the things they do need for the upcoming school year.

Create a morning checklist. Sit down with your kiddos and create a checklist that they can easily complete each morning before school. Make the bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, check backpack, etc. — your morning routine is about to be less chaotic! A checklist also teaches your kids to be accountable and independent. It’s a win-win for the whole household!

Extra tip: Help little ones remember what goes in their backpack every day by printing out pictures of the contents they need for school. You can place it by their morning checklist (which can also have images for young kiddos) so they won’t forget.

Designate a school corner. Carve out an area in the room that is designated for school. Put up hooks where they can easily hang their backpack, jacket and outfit for the next day. Especially with young kids, save time in the morning by picking out all of their outfits for the week on Sunday and elect a dresser drawer that’s solely for these outfits.

15 for 15. Designate Sunday night for a fifteen minute super-sonic cleaning session and reward them by giving them fifteen extra minutes of screen time. Make it more fun for the kids by cranking up the music and setting a timer to keep them on track. If they don’t finish cleaning in fifteen minutes, they don’t get screen time! This will help them keep their room less messy during the week, too, since they’ll want to make sure they beat the time. A tidy space offers a more relaxing, positive vibe and will help them head into the school week with not only a less-cluttered room, but a less-cluttered mind as well.

An organized room makes a big difference, and by following these simple tips you can make sure your kids’ dwelling is not only ready for the first day of school, but a clutter-free space for the entire year.

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