5 Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays – for children and adults! Playing dress up is always fun and free candy is definitely worth getting excited about. To keep this holiday on a positive note, a little pre-planning and precaution can keep everyone safe and smiling.

Our handy list of safety tips for Halloween is great to review before the big night out so everyone can focus on fun. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Follow the rules of the road. While the lure of a decorated house across the street can be tempting, it’s important to stay on track and cross only at corners or in crosswalks. Don’t forget to look both ways to check for traffic. Drivers should go beyond normal safe driving habits — it’s smart to be extra vigilant for everyone’s safety.

Go in groups. Not only is traveling in a pack safer, it’s also more fun! Children under 12 should have an adult along to supervise. If a child is old enough to trick or treat without an adult, he or she should still go with a group of friends and they should stick to familiar houses and neighborhoods. If you have a group of older children heading out alone, consider turning on a mobile tracker app so you can follow their progress from home.

Be visible. Reflective tape should be used as much as possible on costumes, candy bags, strollers and wagons. Consider bringing glow sticks and flashlights as well. This tip is two-fold — you want to be visible to others so they see you crossing the street or coming down the sidewalk and you’ll appreciate the extra light when trying to maneuver up unfamiliar steps, sidewalks and streets. Win-win!

Costume safety. In addition to adding reflective elements to costumes, check that they’re easy to walk in and don’t restrict breathing or vision. A great way to avoid mask problems is by skipping the mask altogether and opting for face paint instead. That way your little one can see and breathe freely. Remember, when candy is involved, children are going to get excited and want to run. If you can’t find a costume that’s easy to move in, try trimming or altering it so they don’t trip and fall.

Healthy and safe treats. While children love piles of candy, their parents typically aren’t as thrilled. A great trick you can play on your little ones is having their favorite, healthy meal right before trick or treating so they’re less likely to pig out on candy. You can also consider not offering candy yourself. Little toys, trinkets, coloring books and other small, non-food treats still inspire excitement and there is less chance of empty calorie leftovers tempting you. While food tampering is very rare, going through the goodie pile at the end of the night is still important.

Hopefully these trick or treating safety tips set you up for a spooky good holiday and memories that will last a lifetime.

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