What is Homeowners Liability Insurance?

Your family members are what makes your house a home, so it’s important you take steps to keep them protected. And liability insurance can help! This added layer of protection helps cover you for accidents in your home that you may be financially responsible for. Liability insurance can also protect you from injury or damage to others caused by you, your children or your pets. Here’s how.

Injury on your property. If a guest slips on ice on your walkway or trips over your kids’ toys, for example, your liability insurance may help pay for their medical bills and others items you may be held liable for as a result of the accident.

Negligent acts of children. Kids will be kids and little accidents seem to follow them around. Let’s say your children are throwing some rocks in the yard and one rock goes rogue — regretfully, your neighbor’s window is broken. It’s the liability portion of your homeowners insurance that comes into play here.

Dog bites. Your furry family members can also cause problems once in a while. Even a little nip from Fido may require a guest to seek medical attention, and your homeowners liability coverage would help with these types of costs.

In situations where someone is injured on your property or someone from your household causes damage through negligence, you’ll be happy you have liability insurance.

Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to learn more about liability coverage — they’ll make sure you have the right limits for your unique needs.

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