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Using Snapchat to Promote Your Business

Get access to an entirely new audience.

How can photos and videos that disappear in 10 seconds be an effective marketing tool for growing your business?

Chatting with your followers in real time via Snapchat, despite its limited lifespan, may be a particularly valuable platform for those seeking to catch the attention of time-pressed customers and millennials.

“With disappearing content, Snapchat makes sending pictures and videos a lot more exciting and gives it an element of exclusivity,” says Elena Lockett, marketing assistant for FM Outsource, a digital marketing company based in the United Kingdom.

If you want Snapchat users to have a longer period to view your content, you can share it using the “stories” tab, where you can post content for 24 hours. “It also allows businesses to push content to their followers, as promo codes and offers would be useless if they could only be viewed for a few seconds,” says Lockett.

“We have been having lots of fun with Snapchat and our small business,” says Keith Miller, co-owner at Bubbly Paws, a dog wash and spa business in Minnesota. The company features photos of new products, videos of cute dogs getting baths, as well as contests and giveaways, Miller adds.

How to Reach Customers With Snapchat

Once you’ve determined that your target audience is on Snapchat, here’s how to make your promotional efforts a success.

Play up the exclusivity appeal. “Show customers a side of your business they haven’t seen,” says Lockett. For example, a dentist office may show off some cool, high-tech equipment that creates better patient experiences, or a restaurant might offer a peek at delicious new recipes being prepared inside the kitchen.

Promote special experiences. Showcase events that some customers might not have been able to attend. “This means you’re reaching out to a bigger audience than usual and can hopefully inspire them to come to other events if they like what they see on Snapchat,” says Lockett.

Entice with promotions. Offer giveaways, deals, and discounts that are available only via Snapchat. Putting a time or quality limit on your snap can also encourage followers to take action fast. E-commerce sites like Groupon have snapped exclusive deals giving followers ticket deals and backstage access at concerts. Be sure to provide simple instructions and adhere to Snapchat’s community and usage guidelines.

Give followers a voice. Poll your audience by asking your followers to screenshot the Snap in your story to vote. For example, Taco Bell snapped three photos of their frozen drinks in their “freeze-face-off” and asked users to screenshot their favorite icy slushy drink. The number of screenshots will appear next to an arrow symbol on the My Story dropdown. Tally them up and share the results with your followers. Polls and surveys are popular because people get to share their positions and can help bring in new followers.

While promoting your brand across Snapchat is a good way to expand your audience, your efforts will be most fruitful if your content has the X factor. Create content that not only plugs your business but also is engaging.

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