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Hiring a Virtual Marketing Manager

When your business is growing quickly, it’s difficult to know when to bring in a marketing support. Take a look at these great tips on hiring a virtual marketing manager which can greatly increase your company’s presence in today’s marketplace.

Has your business evolved to the point where you need to hire a dedicated marketing manager? If so, congratulations! You’ve reached an important milestone on your journey to build your business dream. Luckily, you have different options available, too. On the one hand, you could hire an on-site marketing pro. On the other hand, you may consider hiring a remote marketing manager. Here’s a few things to consider while you’re weighing your marketing manager options.

When to Hire a Virtual Marketing Manager

What’s best for your business? Hannah McNaughton, founder of Envision Marketing Solutions, offers the following factors to consider.

Virtual marketing manager advantages.

Casting a wider net. Hiring a remote manager gives you access to a vast talent pool. “You get the best employees for the job,” McNaughton says. Marketing today means keeping up with fast-changing digital marketing strategies, and with a virtual approach, you can hire someone who has the perfect skill set to fit your needs, no matter where they live.

More flexibility. Rather than working traditional in-house office hours, most virtual marketing pros flexibly work where and when they are most productive. If your budget is tight or you have limited marketing needs, remote marketing managers can be a better fit for short- or limited-term projects.

Saving money on benefits and overhead. If you hire a virtual marketing manager as a contractor, all you pay is their salary, freeing you from expenses such as benefits, payroll taxes, and office overhead. “It costs a lot of money to have office space,” says McNaughton. You may even be able to use some of those savings to hire an entire virtual team.

The benefits of in-house marketing management.

Face-to-face communication helps. When your marketing manager is physically present in the office, you can exchange ideas and ask for feedback at any point during the workday. What’s more, effective communication can be a challenge if it only takes place on the phone or via e-mail and instant messaging. “It’s a different skill set that you have to understand to manage someone who works virtually,” McNaughton says.

Deeper immersion in your business culture. A marketing manager who works side-by-side with you may more easily and quickly understand the brand and how to position products, whereas one working remotely might have a more difficult time understanding the nuances. “You’re not involved in quick discussions or picking up on talks around the office,” says McNaughton.

Your company gets undivided attention. Your in-house marketing manager works on your brand, all day, every day. On the other hand, virtual marketing managers usually have other clients, and they may not feel as invested in your company. “They feel like they’re less a part of a team than people who are actually there,” McNaughton says.

Ultimately, your decision to hire a virtual marketing manager versus an in-house employee depends on the goals, budget and culture of your small business. By taking all of these factors into careful consideration, you can move confidently in the direction of your dreams and craft a marketing plan that works for you as your business matures. For more ideas on boosting revenue, take a look at our article on Increasing Your Small Business Sales.

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