Meet DreamVault

DreamVault: Our Home Inventory app

Your belongings mean a lot to you and your growing dreams. That’s why we created DreamVault — a free, easy to use app that allows you to keep a photo inventory of the things that matter most. Should the unthinkable happen, DreamVault will help get you back to pursuing your dreams in no time.

How it Works

Snap photos. Take pictures of your belongings and upload them to the DreamVault app using a computer or mobile device.

Add details. Include information like purchase date, description and value with each item you upload — this makes it easier to replace your things should you need to make a claim. 

Get organized. Sort your belongings into our predefined categories — or create your own.

Get your report. It’s easy to generate a report of your belongings based on the information you’ve provided. You can even send one to your American Family agent to keep on file!

Keep it updated. Because your information lives in the “cloud,” you can access it from any device. Be sure to visit the app often and keep it up to date.

Concerned about loading your personal information to the web? Don’t worry! The photos and notes you load into DreamVault are completely confidential and secure — only you can see the information.

Download DreamVault today and get an extra layer of protection for the things that fuel your dreams. Creating an inventory of your home has never been easier.

Here's the 3 Ways to get it:

DreamVault on the Web - Register

DreamVault on IPhone - Download

DreamVault for Android - Download