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At American Family Insurance, we believe every dream is worth protecting. That's why our policies are designed to be customized to you and your unique needs. Check out the coverages we offer and let us build a policy right for you.
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From savings for switching to American Family, to discounts that reward good habits, discover all the ways you can save.
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Pay How You Drive

If you are a good driver, take control of what you pay for auto insurance by enrolling in our safe driving program. You can save up to 10% just for enrolling, then have the opportunity to save even more based on your safe driving behaviors. Most customers actively enrolled in the program will save between 5% and 20%!*
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Bundle & Save

By combining your insurance, you’ll get added convenience and easy savings. Bundle your home and auto policies to save up to 23%.**
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Accident Forgiveness

Accidents can happen — and we want to help ease the financial setbacks they can cause. With this coverage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t be penalized for one mistake.***

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