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Home Daycare Insurance

Home Daycare Insurance

Congratulations on realizing your dream of opening an in-home daycare! The next step is making sure you’re properly covered.

Our Home Daycare Endorsement and Business Property Coverage Endorsement offers property and liability coverage that can be right-sized to fit your specific situation. One of our agents can help you pick the right coverage and create a policy that revolves around your unique property and liability risks. With proper insurance in place, you can run your daycare business with peace of mind, knowing you’re protected if the unexpected happens.

Most states require home daycares to carry liability insurance in order to meet licensing requirements. We’ll help you meet these requirements with coverage that adds much-needed protection that can keep your business running smoothly.

Check with your American Family Insurance agent to determine eligibility requirements and find coverage that fits your home business. If your daycare business outgrows your home, we have commercial insurance policies which can help your dream expand.

For more information on the American Family Insurance Home Day Care Endorsement, contact your American Family agent.

This summary represents only a brief description of coverages. Coverage features and limits vary by state. Some products are not available in every state. Please check with your agent and read the policy for exact details on coverages and exclusions.