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FrontPoint Home Security System

What Is Frontpoint?

At American Family Insurance, we’re always looking for new ways to help you protect what matters most. So we’ve teamed up with Frontpoint to bring wireless security that’ll make your home smarter and, most importantly, your family safer.

What exactly is Frontpoint? It’s an industry leading home security system equipped to protect your home in a variety of ways. From water leak detectors to motion sensors, you can build a customizable system designed to proactively protect your home. Frontpoint believes that safety is too important to be complicated — that’s why they’ve made everything from setting it up to controlling each device as easy as possible. They’re one of the only nationwide alarm companies to have deployed 100% wireless/cellular security systems to every customer. Even better? You can install it all yourself — no fancy technician skills required.

Why American Family Insurance + Frontpoint?

We've teamed up with Frontpoint to offer home security products to help you protect the safety of your loved ones and your home. Frontpoint continuously works to move their product closer to making the world a more trusting place. And we want you to be part of the action. So when you decide on Frontpoint you’ll get the chance to build your own unique package by choosing from a range of equipment. This way you know you’ve got innovative technology that is perfectly suited for your home. Talk about customized protection!

How Does the Frontpoint System Work?

Frontpoint protects your home against more than just burglary. It also offers protection for "Environmental" factors, meaning the Frontpoint system has sensors that help guard against hazards in the environment, such as freezing temperatures (which lead to burst pipes), water leaks or floods, and carbon monoxide (CO). They also have "Life Safety" protection for emergencies of a medical or health nature. Some of their equipment includes "Panic buttons," which you can push for immediate response to any kind of emergency. And of course they have fire protection, too.

Your Frontpoint monthly monitoring fees cover you for intrusion, fire and life safety. You’re also covered for environmental dangers for no extra charge.

Security Systems Have Three Basic Components:

Sensors. Small devices placed around a home or business, which detect signs of trouble. Different sensors "watch out" for different things and trigger an alert if it happens. For example, some trigger if a door is opened, if glass is broken, if there's movement in the room, or if they detect smoke. When triggered, the sensor sends an alert signal to the Control Panel.

Control Panel. It’s the nerve center of the alarm system, which manages all sensor activity and sends alerts to the Monitoring Center. Frontpoint's Hub & Keypad's split design lets you keep a remote Keypad easily accessible and your Hub safely hidden away — making arming or disarming the alarm system a breeze.

Monitoring. Every alarm system should be monitored 24/7 in order to respond to alerts from the Control Panel. When alerts come in, the monitoring team contacts both you and the proper authorities to quickly keep your home and family as safe as possible.

Building Your Customized Security Package

You’ll have the ability to pick and choose devices that work well for your home’s needs, and a Frontpoint consultant is happy to help you decide on what’s best! But, before you call to create your package, take a look at some of their most popular offerings that you may want to consider.

Security cameras. Choose from their multiple camera options to keep an eye out at home — you’ll even have the option to stream live video on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart lock. Forget about hiding the spare key! Instead, assign unique entry codes to wanted visitors and even gain the ability to lock and unlock your doors remotely.

Window/door sensors. If someone were to break in through a window or doorway, these sensors will alert you right away.

Motion sensors. You can place the motion sensors near entryways to detect any unexpected visitors.

A smoke/heat sensor. Provide highly-effective fire protection through comprehensive, fully monitored detection. If these sensors are activated, the Monitoring Center will attempt to verify an emergency before dispatching the fire department to your home. There is no extra charge for fire monitoring. If you choose a monitoring plan with interactive features, you can also be notified immediately by text or email message whenever there’s sensor activity at your house.

Water leak sensors. Helps give you early warning about water leaks or flood conditions so you can respond to the problem quickly to prevent water damage. Learn more

Trying to understand which equipment to select and how many devices you’ll need? Here’s our advice: Start with the points of entry: 90% of break-ins occur through the front or back door, so ensure that all accessible doors have sensors. Ground-floor windows may be protected by individual sensors, motion sensors, or glass break sensors, depending on the layout of your home or business.

Remember, you can add sensors and devices depending on your home’s unique needs. Frontpoint is truly a customized alarm system, so just call them up and speak to a consultant. They'll help you build the right security system for you.

Frontpoint FAQs

  1. It can be terrifying to have your personal security compromised. Frontpoint offers next-day delivery, so you can get protected immediately. Simply call them, or go to “Shop” at the top of their website. Choose the equipment you want, and select the next-day shipping option. As long as you order by 2pm EST you can have your new security system the next day. Or choose free shipping and have your equipment in 2-5 days.
  2. Exactly – Frontpoint uses a patented Crash and Smash Protection that protects you when the burglar decides to destroy your Control Panel. It is available for all customers with the Interactive and Ultimate monitoring packages. Here’s how it works: When a sensor triggers an alert to the Control Panel, there's a 30-60 second delay before the siren sounds. The delay gives you time to disarm the system and avoid false alarms. Most alarm systems wait another 30 seconds after the alarm goes off, before alerting the Monitoring Center. In that time, a burglar can destroy your Control Panel. If he succeeds, the Monitoring Center will never know you're in trouble. With Frontpoint's Crash and Smash Protection, the Control Panel sends the alarm out instantly before the burglar can locate and disable it. Unless you signal "all's clear," the Monitoring team takes action, sending help. Crash and Smash protection is another way that Frontpoint keeps you safer.
  3. Yes. Frontpoint systems are interactive, which means you can access and control your system in a variety of ways. Most customers love Frontpoint’s online access via computer, tablet or smartphone. They also offer a convenient Keychain Remote that allows you to arm or disarm the system from outside the house. This handy device also lets you turn on lights before you enter the house, and includes a Panic Alarm in case of emergency. It's the most convenient way to stay safe!
  4. Frontpoint systems are built using wireless/cellular systems and they really are safer! A wireless system is not dependent on your phone line, internet connection, or any other system in your house. The system won’t go down if your landline or internet goes down. All the communication is built into the system itself. Using this built-in cellular signaling technology, a Frontpoint Control Panel alerts the Monitoring Center in case of trouble. This type of technology is safer than traditional wired alarm systems, because there are no wires for burglars to cut. The wireless sensors provide an added bonus. They connect wirelessly to the Control Panel, for quick and easy installation. No drilling or complicated wiring. Frontpoint is the only nationwide alarm company to have deployed 100% wireless/cellular security systems to every customer.
  5. The Frontpoint Control Panel needs only a low-frequency signal to reach the Monitoring Center. It's a much lower frequency than required for a voice conversation over a cellphone. So chances are good that the connection will be strong, even in a low-reception area. They use several cellular networks to maximize coverage, and they’ll confirm that there is sufficient signal strength in your area before completing your order.
  6. You don't need a home network for their security system to work. All communication between Frontpoint sensors, Control Panel and Monitoring Center is built into the equipment itself. However, to utilize the video monitoring you do need a broadband connection.
  7. Frontpoint won't charge you anything to move! They’ve designed their wireless system to be flexible, for easy moves. Simply call their Customer Support line to request a free moving kit. They’ll send you a box and instructions to make moving your system simple. It’s really easy to remove the sensors from around your house, unplug the Control Panel and you are set to go. Once in your new home, give them a call to re-activate the system and your new home is protected. No extra fee.
  8. Yes, Frontpoint offers smoke and fire detectors for your home. If these sensors are activated, the Monitoring Center will attempt to verify an emergency before dispatching the fire department to your home. There is no extra charge for fire monitoring. If you choose a monitoring plan with interactive features, you can also be notified immediately by text or email message whenever there’s sensor activity at your house.