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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Get customizable motorcycle insurance for you, your bike and your gear. We cover a variety of two-wheeled vehicles.

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Standard Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Our standard motorcycle insurance helps protect you from unexpected losses such as theft and accidents.
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What does standard motorcycle insurance cover?

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Standard Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Types

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Collision Coverage

Collision coverage helps protect you from losses caused by collisions with other vehicles or objects, regardless of who is at fault.
Your motorcycle is damaged after another vehicle backs into it.
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Bodily Injury, Property Damage & Passenger Liability

This coverage can help if you accidentally injure someone or cause damage to the property of others while riding your motorcycle. It mitigates defense costs, emergency first aid and passenger liability up to your coverage limits.
You stop at a red light, lose your footing and your motorcycle tips over, scratching the vehicle next to you.
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Motorcycle Gear Protection Coverage

Motorcycle gear protection gives you up to $1,000 to help repair and replace your damaged or stolen safety apparel, such as your helmet and leathers.
You make a pit stop, and someone takes your helmet when you’re not looking.
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Collision Deductible Waiver**

Our collision deductible waiver helps customers with multiple policies. If your car and motorcycle collide and they're both insured by us, we'll waive the lesser deductible.
You back into your motorcycle in the driveway, damaging your bike and car. Thankfully, they're both insured by American Family Insurance, and you’ll only pay the greater deductible to fix each of them.
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Earned Accident Forgiveness

Earned Accident Forgiveness helps if you and the drivers on your policy have been accident-free with us (or another insurance company) for five consecutive years. Stay with or switch to us; your first accident won’t cause a rate increase.
You’ve been accident-free for 10 years, then suddenly hit a mailbox and file a claim. The accident won’t increase your premium when you renew your policy with us.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Add-Ons

Life might be unpredictable, but your motorcycle insurance shouldn’t be. Customize your policy with optional coverages that deliver greater peace of mind.
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