Apartment Safety Tips for Peace of Mind

You’ve put time, effort and care into transforming your apartment into a special place that’s uniquely yours. That’s why we’re offering you these smart tips to keep everything safe and secure. It’s all about feeling safe, happy and comfortable where you live.

Reinforce sliding doors. If you have a balcony or porch with a sliding door, not only should you always have it locked, but use a rod along the tracks to reinforce its security.

Be smart about leaving windows open. It’s always nice to enjoy the fresh breeze from open windows, but be extra mindful to lock ‘em up if you’re leaving the apartment or going to bed, no matter whether you’re on the first floor or above. Similar to bolstering your sliding door, find a rod that fits on the tracks of your windows for additional protection.

Meet your neighbors. Not only is knowing your neighbors convenient when you need a cup of sugar, but it’s a good idea to at least know who is living in such close proximity to you. Don’t be hesitant to ask them questions about crime and security in the neighborhood. And if you leave for vacation, you can ask a trustworthy neighbor to help keep an eye on your place.

Get creative with hiding spots. There is such a thing as being obvious when hiding your valuables. Under the mattress, tucked in the sock drawer, a shoebox in the closet — these are all common places where thieves will look. Get clever and place things where people won’t think to look, like a cereal box or with your cleaning supplies. Just keep track of where you’ve hidden it! And, if you have a lot of cash laying around, get it to the bank right away. The same goes for other small valuables and sensitive documents — consider getting a lock box at your bank.

Close your curtains. Remember to close your curtains at night or when you’ll be away from home for a long period of time. This will keep people from sneaking a peak and eyeing up your valuables. It also prevents people from seeing that you aren’t home.

“Be home” even if you’re not. If you’re leaving your apartment, whether it be for the day or a number of days, leaving a lamp on, setting timed lights and having your T.V. on with the volume up all give the facade that you’re home — this could definitely help ward off potential break-ins.

Smart home safety. Even as a renter, you can enjoy the benefits of smart home technology. From internet-connected smart cameras to smart smoke detectors — both which can connect and send alerts to your phone — you’ll feel safer and more secure having some form of a smart tech system in your apartment. Get more details on smart home technology for renters to see how devices like these can help give you a sense of security whether you’re in your apartment or on the go.

Get renters insurance. Renters insurance gives you the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve, all at an affordable price. It helps cover the cost to replace your belongings if they’re ruined from smoke damage, fire, theft or other unexpected incidents. You might think your landlord’s insurance covers your things under these circumstances, but actually, they aren’t responsible for covering any expenses apart from damages to their building. Ask yourself these four questions to find out if renters insurance is for you — if you’re a renter, the answer is probably yes.

Make these simple safety adjustments and you’ll be taking the right steps to keep your apartment secure. There’s a lot you can do to stay protected at the place you call home — begin by talking to your American Family Insurance agent about adding renters insurance. It’s a good start to protecting what matters most.

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