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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Home Insurance Add-On

Get help covering costs associated with repairing and replacing home appliances and equipment.*


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What is Equipment Breakdown coverage?

Equipment Breakdown coverage is an optional home insurance add-on. It helps protect you from costs associated with home appliances or equipment suddenly breaking down.**
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Equipment Breakdown Coverage Examples

Learn more about the types of equipment and appliance failures Equipment Breakdown insurance may cover.
Did you know?
In 2018, Consumer Reports surveyed tens of thousands of people about their appliances.*** The data suggests that around 25% of new refrigerators have issues within two to five years. Yet, the typical warranty expires after one year.
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Mechanical Breakdowns
The fan on your refrigerator suddenly seizes, causing its compressor to overheat. Replacing it without Equipment Breakdown coverage could cost $1,250 or more.
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Electrical Damage
Your smart home system and laptops are beyond repair after a high voltage surge. Replacing them without Equipment Breakdown insurance could cost thousands of dollars.
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Pressure System Failures
An over-pressurized event causes your water heater to rupture. Without added Equipment Breakdown coverage, a new one could cost $1,450 or more.
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