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Quick Tips for Saving Water

Fresh water is essential for both our planet and species. It’s why conserving it is so important – and being mindful about water usage at home is a great place to start. Think conserving water requires a lot of time, energy and money? Think again. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

Common sense water-saving tips like taking shorter showers and shutting off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving are always smart rules to stick to. Here are a few more easy ways to cut your water usage and save water and money at the same time!

Slow the Flow: Install low-flow showerheads, which save water and money, and are super easy to install.

Collect the Extra: Instead of letting precious water go down the drain, keep a bucket in your tub while you wait for your shower to warm up. Then use it to water plants or flush the toilet.

Stop the Leaks: Take on leaky faucets yourself or hire a plumber to keep drips at bay.

Flush With Less: Reduce your water usage by filling up a water bottle and placing it in your toilet tank.

Fill It Up: Insist on a full load before you run your dishwasher or washer.

Store Smart: Instead of running tap water to cool if off, keep drinking water in the refrigerator. That way it’s always cold and refreshing!

Incorporating just one of these tips on an ongoing basis can actually make a world of difference. Experiment and see how you can make a more eco-conscious lifestyle work for you!

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