Tips for Moving in the Winter

Although the weather can be a turn-off for some, moving in the winter can actually be good timing! The weather is a deterrent for many, but you can use it to your advantage. It’s easier to schedule movers during this slow season and you may be able to take advantage of discounted rates.

But the winter does bring some challenges. We’ve come up with some useful tips to help make this your best move ever!

Use extra padding. Many items become more fragile in cold weather, so a little added padding can go a long way.

Watch the weather. Your best move of the day will be staying on top of all weather reports. Mentally prepare for everything so you can act quickly if snow and ice are on the way.

Check with movers. While every move requires some due diligence, winter moves need a little more. Because weather is unpredictable, it’s a great idea to call the day before your move to make sure the movers feel confident with your timeline.

Learn the plow schedule. If snow is going to be an issue, find out when the plows come through both old and new neighborhoods so you can adjust your timeline if needed.

Clear walkways. Shovel and salt all walkways that you and your movers will be using — no one wants to start the day with a fall.

Protect floors. Protect your floors as much as possible with plastic tarps and cardboard. This way you get some water protection with the tarp while the cardboard provides a little more traction.

Turn the heat off. Save yourself some money by turning off the heat. During the move the doors will be open for quite a while and there’s no reason to heat the outside.

Make plans for your pets. A move can be very stressful for your furry family members. Make the move a little more comfortable by finding them a place to relax while your home is a hubbub of activity.

Offer hot drinks. Keep hot coffee, chocolate, cider or tea at hand. A little hospitality goes a long way and a hot drink not only warms you from the inside, it also thaws frozen fingers.

Be patient. While you should always take a deep breath and go with the flow on moving day, you can expect a winter move will be a little more stressful with Mother Nature at the helm. A little patience and extra time worked into your schedule will go a long way toward keeping everyone happy.

Your moving day is the beginning of your next chapter, no matter what time of year it is. To put your mind at ease, connect with your American Family Insurance agent to make sure you’ve got homeowners insurance in place and the right protection for your move.

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