Do Mopeds & Scooters Need Insurance?

Whether cruising to class, work or out for a leisurely ride, a moped or scooter is a convenient way to get from point A to point B — plus, they’re great on gas!

When you hit the road, you have your helmet and other riding gear ready to go, but you’ll want to make sure you have that extra layer of protection in place — motorcycle insurance.

Is it required to have insurance for a moped or scooter? Let’s find out.

What’s the Difference between a Moped and Scooter?

First, let’s take a look at the difference between a moped and scooter, which are often interchangeable terms, but rather different in terms of speed and power — which affects your coverage requirements.

Moped: A moped is a low-power motorcycle with engine displacement of 50 cubic centimeters or less. A moped originally contained pedals so they could be foot or engine powered, but most modern mopeds no longer have pedals. They typically have a step-through frame and an automatic transmission.

Though some states allow mopeds to be operated by persons younger than the minimum age required for a driver’s license, any operator without a driver’s license is not eligible for coverage.

Scooter: The term moped is often used interchangeably with the term scooter, however a scooter is actually legally considered a motorcycle. A scooter was created to retain the step-through frame and automatic transmission that appeal to moped riders, but they rival motorcycles in terms of speed and power, with an engine displacement that exceeds 50 cubic centimeters.

Ever wonder which kind of motorcycle is best for you? Whether it’s a moped, scooter or a standard cruiser, you can find out your motorcycle style here.

So, Am I Required to Have Insurance for My Moped or Scooter?

Your state is the major determining factor in deciding coverage, since specific requirements vary state by state. But, generally speaking, if your two-wheeled whip has an engine of at least 50 cubic centimeters or a top speed of 30 mph, you’ll be required to carry motorcycle insurance.

Also, if you lease or finance your moped or scooter, you’ll most likely be required to have insurance to protect the leasing or lender’s investment. Read more to find out how much motorcycle insurance costs.

All of this being said, it’s best to check with your state’s requirements. Talk to your American Family Insurance agent about what’s required for your moped or scooter in your state. They’d be glad to help!

At American Family Insurance, we offer protection for all kinds of models, including standard motorcycles, mopeds and motorized scooters — take a look at our motorcycle coverage to get a better idea how you can stay financially protected on the open road.

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