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4 Little-Known Facts about Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are becoming more popular every day. And like electric vehicles, they’re disrupting the industry and challenging traditional manufacturers to produce a better bike. With more electric sport bikes entering the market annually, newcomers are starting to draw serious attention.

And conventional bikers are taking notice. From saving on gas bills to riding a smarter bike, old-school motorcyclists find dependability and decreased maintenance costs a major driver as well. A few manufacturers have electric bikes that have been on the market for about a decade. And others are following this trend — with the new rides rolling off the production line soon. Take a look where the market is at, and where it’s headed, with our primer on electric motorcycles.

Lithium Ion Battery Advances Extend Electric Motorcycle Riding-range

Manufacturers are plugging new tech into their electric scooters and motorcycles. Lithium ion battery R & D continues to produce more energy efficient ways to ride. Here are a few ways these powerful batteries are charging the industry.

Better mileage. Many manufacturers have pushed the range that their bikes can travel before running out of a charge with their latest offering.

Fast charging. New quick-charging battery systems keep your downtime to a minimum. A few producers are currently promoting a charging pack that’s 50% quicker than previous models. The most aggressive of these charging systems boast a 100% charge in just 60 minutes.

Battery guarantees. Some groups are offering unlimited battery warranties that extend for five years.

Regenerative braking capability. One big benefit of electric motorcycles is their ability to re-capture energy. By converting braking and coasting momentum into a real-time recharge, that energy is used over and over again.

Range is comparable to a full tank of gas. When compared to the range that a conventional 1000cc sportsbike gets, some e-motorcycles travel just as far on a full charge as they would on a full tank of gas.

E-motorcycles Accelerate Faster

One of the coolest things about electric motorcycles is the immediate torque and acceleration they have. By not depending on a clutch or a multi-speed transmission, these rides really move. There’s an electric motorcycle for every kind of rider. Whatever bike you choose, remember to leverage a discount with our suite of motorcycle safety course options.

Motorbikes, race bikes, superbikes — these are the kinds of electric motorcycles you might have already seen on the market. But if you’re more of a cruiser or a tour bike fan, don’t be discouraged. You’ll find there’s perfect ride out there to fit your needs. And best the best part? They’re all lightning fast off the line.

220 mph, zero to 60 in 2.0 seconds. The heavyweights on the market can hit 60 mph in two seconds flat with a top speeds around 220 mph. Now that’s cooking!

Peak performance via onboard energy management. Newer battery-controlling software allows you to ride like you would with a normal bike. And you won’t have to worry about burning through your battery.

Hydraulic brakes helps you stop on a dime. Folding in automatic breaking systems (ABS) technology, these fast bikes come equipped to slow down smartly — and quickly. And American Family’s advanced riding course can help seasoned bikers up their game, which is even smarter.

Electric Motorcycles Require Less Maintenance

One big win for e-motorcycles is that there are less moving parts. And that translates to lighter, less-expensive maintenance schedules. It’s true, some of the electronic motorcycles have a higher initial price tag. But the money saved across the life of the bike can help to offset that up-front investment. Here are a few other important electronic motorcycle maintenance details:

No oil means no oil changing. Owning an electric motorcycle is just plain easier. No checking and changing the oil or filter.

Tune ups are a breeze. No spark plugs, clutch or timing belt to replace. No fuel filter to change. In the long run, less maintenance helps to justify the higher price tag.

Less moving parts. Because e-motorcycles are really just an electric motor and drive train, there’s less worry. You won’t have to keep an internal combustion engine up and running.

Smarter ebike tech. Bluetooth-enabled smart phones can hook into many of the e-motorcycle’s stats. A sampling includes maps to known charging stations, carbon footprint data and financial comparisons of money saved over conventional gas-powered bikes.

Electric Scooters Are Gaining Momentum

With some scooters reaching top speeds around 50 mph, e-scooters are also gaining popularity. The Super Soco is targeting more aggressive riders with their TC MAX, which push above 60 mph. The Vespa Elettrica is made for urban commuting with a more conservative 30 mph limit. Like e-motorcycles, these models also come equipped with an app. You’ll get a wide array of data and stats that inform your ride.

While you’re considering your e-motorcycle options, remember to check in with your American Family Insurance agent. Take a look at your motorcycle coverage options to best protect your ride. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you can contribute to a greener world. Getting an electric motorcycle might be the way to go. And with it, you’ll enjoy performance, convenience, versatility and all the cool benefits that are part of being a biker. Ride on!

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