Farm Equipment Road Safety Tips

Farm safety is always top-of-mind when you’re on the farm, but it should be a consideration when you’re off the farm too. These farm safety road tips will help protect you and others when traveling with farm vehicles.

Use SMV signs. Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) triangle signs must be posted in a clearly visible position on all vehicles that cannot keep up with 40 mph on the roadway. If you’re hauling something, the SMV sign needs to be on the rearmost piece of equipment so traffic can clearly see it. If your signs have faded from weather and ultraviolet light, it’s time to replace them.

Mark your equipment. Amber flashing lights or reflective tape helps drivers distinguish the outer regions of your vehicle. If you have equipment that extends to the sides, marking it is a great way to make it more visible. Also, keeping your vehicle lights on makes it easier to spot, even in daylight.

Check your lights and reflectors. Walk around and wipe down safety lights and reflector tape and triangles before hitting the road. It’s easy to pick up dirt and mud, making them harder to see.

Space out traveling equipment. A caravan of farm equipment can cause significant delays for other travelers and is more difficult to safely pass. Spacing out your equipment makes it safer for everyone and may prevent driver frustration.

Avoid rush hour. If it’s possible, avoid driving during peak hours. You’ll appreciate having less vehicles to deal with and other drivers on the road will be more forgiving and tolerant when they’re not already rushing to get somewhere.

Finally, make sure you contact your agent to make sure all of your equipment is properly insured for the safety of everyone on the road. When good farm safety habits extend beyond the farm you have greater peace of mind.

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