Safe Roads Happy Holidays

From celebrating with family to getting together with friends, the holidays are the best time of the year! Keep yuletide spirits high and roads free from drivers under the influence by following these guidelines to promote designated driving this season:

Seek opportunities. Look ahead in your calendar and identify festive events and occasions where designating a driver is the responsible choice. Planning ahead will help make your holiday even more enjoyable – and our roads much safer.

Make arrangements. Don’t wait until the last minute to designate a sober driver. Pick a responsible key holder for your group now, and you won’t have to worry about it come happy hour. Smart!

Stick to it. If you’ve volunteered to be the designated driver, remember that having even one drink can compromise the safety of your group. Once the plans are made, stick to them and stay sober.

Thank the driver. Designated drivers are the real heroes of the road. Be sure they feel appreciated and thank them for keeping you, your friends and everyone on the roads safe this holiday season.

Use these tips to celebrate safely with friends and family. And remember to carry these habits into the new year too!


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