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Uber Driver Tips for Success

Updated March 5, 2024 . AmFam Team

Did you just start an entrepreneurial endeavor by becoming an Uber driver? There’s nothing like making money on your own schedule. Optimize your career by educating yourself on the best ways to earn, drive and enjoy being a rideshare driver.

Person checking their car's tire pressure. Car Care Tips for Uber Drivers

Because people are paying you for a service, providing a clean and reliable vehicle is important. Maintaining your car is essential for an enjoyable and, most importantly, safe ride.

Here are some car care tips for Uber drivers:

  • Make sure the vehicle is clean inside and out by frequently vacuuming and going through the car wash.

Two people working on a vehicle's engine.

  • Take your car in to be inspected before you hit the road and get regular check-ups as you continue to drive.
  • Use air fresheners — but nothing too overwhelming.
  • Have some small paper bags handy in the event of a sick passenger (hey, it happens).

First aid kit in the back of a vehicle.

  • Keep basic tools, such as a first aid kit, flare and spare tire in your trunk.

    Bonus tip:
    Did you know that Uber rewards drivers with discounted oil changes, car washes and more for accumulated hours and high ratings? Check out your app to see how you can qualify.

Uber Driver Safety Tips

Your customer trusts you and your vehicle to safely get them from point A to point B. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you stay safe and alert on the road:

Phone resting in a car mount attached to a windshield.

  • Invest in a phone mount so you can keep your eyes on the road.
  • Pack snacks for yourself — your riders don’t want a hangry driver.
  • Schedule breaks — take some time to step away from the wheel and clear your head.
  • Don’t drive tired — if you find yourself nodding off while waiting for a patron, maybe it’s time to pack up. Or pull over in a safe space and take a little snooze to recharge.
  • Know your route — you’re familiar with the area you’re driving, you probably won’t be as distracted as driving in unfamiliar territory because you’ll know common stops and heavier pedestrian areas, among other things.

Person stretching on a road.

  • Get up and out of your car for a solid stretch every now and then. Do some squats, jumping jacks, a little spin — anything to get you more energized.

    Bonus Tip: While you do what you can to drive carefully, if you face the unexpected, you’ll want the right auto insurance coverage. Yes, your company may protect you from accidents that occur while picking up a customer and once your customer is in the car.

    However, suppose you’re logged into the app and waiting for a ride request. In that case, you’ll have very basic coverage with minimum limits and potentially no comprehensive or collision coverage (which protects you and your vehicle). That’s where American Family Insurance’s Rideshare coverage steps in—it helps cover you during that gap.

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Person enjoying her rideshare ride.

How to Get a 5-Star Driver Rating

As an Uber driver, your rating is key to your success — and it typically depends on little things you can do to reach that certified awesome driver status. It all comes down to your passengers’ experience. Give them a better ride with these simple tips:

1. Greet Your Passengers

While saying hello and goodbye might not seem like a big deal, the little touches are all a part of a great customer experience.

Happy couple enjoying their rideshare ride.

2. Communicate

Let your passengers know you would be happy to change the climate settings, let them use the audio jacks, and give them access to a phone charger right away.

3. Provide Phone Chargers

On that note, hook up a few different phone chargers to your car and an audio jack so they can play music.

4. Let Your Passenger Set the Tone of the Ride

If they like to keep to themselves, follow their lead. If they start small talk, go with it.

Smiling person driving a vehicle.

5. Smile

A friendly driver is a memorable driver, and a simple smile goes a long way.

Bonus Tip: Make yourself an “Uber Box” with cold water bottles, tissues, gum, hairbands, snacks and any other unique items that might make you stand out.

Little touches like these can make the experience noteworthy and will hopefully help you make your way up to that 5-star rating.

Person placing money into her wallet.

Increase Your Earnings with Uber

The amount of money you make driving for Uber is more tactical than you may think. Make the most of your ride by following these tips and tricks to earn more money driving for Uber:

  • Don’t head straight for surge areas. Because drivers head to these busier areas in droves, surge pricing decreases because there is no longer a lack of drivers in the area (which is what the surge premium is based on). That means the drivers earn less money per ride.
  • Stick to an area you know well, and don’t go too far out of your way to pick someone up because you’ll most likely drive further to get them than to take them to their destination.

Bonus Tip: Download the Uber passenger app to see where your competition is (or isn’t).

Three happy passengers looking out a vehicle's backseat window.

Have Fun While You Drive

Sure, you might be technically working when you’re behind the wheel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. Take advantage of the flexibility and benefits of driving with Uber by following these tips:

  • Plan an earn-as-you-go road trip to see new cities and meet new people — while earning money at the same time. Keep in mind that Uber has you designate a home market or a home city, and you can drive within that entire state. However, you won’t be able to drive Uber in other states.
  • As a driver, you’ll meet new people every single day — don’t be afraid to chat with passengers. Who knows what you could learn.
  • Have fun with your vehicle by decorating it. It’ll help make your passengers’ ride a memorable one.

Smiling person greeting others in an online meeting. Bonus Tip: Join the community. Connect via social media with other rideshare drivers and share more tips and tricks.

Now that you know some great ways to make the most of your Uber driving business, make sure to check out our Rideshare FAQs for more information on insurance for Uber drivers or connect with an American Family Insurance agent to ensure that the ride is not only fun and profitable but also insured.

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*Customers who bundle home and auto insurance policies may save up to 23% on both policies together (as of December 2023). Discounts may vary by state, property, policy form and company underwriting the home and/or auto policy. Discounts may not apply to all coverages on a home or auto policy.

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