Hiring a Babysitter 101

From newborns to young kids, there’s a lot to love about your growing family. But taking time for yourself and to foster your other relationships is a necessary part of leading a balanced life.  That’s why it’s important to hire a babysitter you can trust.

Before you settle on your go-to sitter, take these steps and make sure your candidate meets all of the standard qualifications:

  • Don’t hire a sitter under the age of 12 – and for longer periods of time, consider hiring someone who’s at least 16 years old.  
  • Meet the sitter in advance, check their references and get to know them a bit.
  • Ask whether they’ve taken the American Red Cross Babysitter Class and, if they haven’t, encourage them to – this is where they learn safety practices like CPR, first aid and how to handle emergencies.
  • If they measure up so far, have them spend time with you and your children to see how they interact with them – this way you’ll also get to see if your kids are comfortable with them.
  • When you’re finally ready to hire them, make the first outing a shorter one to give them one final test before a longer night out. If all goes well, keep them around for the long-haul!

Hiring a babysitter is just as serious a process as hiring for any other job – you need someone you can count on watching your growing family. Take these steps and you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your kids are happy, healthy and having fun!

Found your perfect babysitter? We’ve put together a list of what they’ll need to know in case of emergencies. Check it out.

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