The Humanitree House balances business and community service with ease.

The Story of Humanitree House

Updated October 23, 2018 . AmFam Team

When it comes to balancing business and community service, the founders of Humanitree House are experts. Check out their tips and get one step closer to living your most fulfilled life.

Beyond serving her loyal, paying customers, Denise puts in extra care to help those in need — she provides free vegan foods and juices to cancer patients and others with chronic health issues, hoping to show some support and love that’ll make a difference along their journey.

“I really just want to give them what they need, show them love and that someone cares and wants to offer something to make them smile,” shares Denise. “Sometimes that’s juice or food, and other times it’s a hug and an encouraging word. I love being able to say, ‘I’m doing this for you just because and I want nothing in return, I just want you to drink a juice and smile. No expectation that you’ll feel better tomorrow, that you’ll want to talk, that you’ll miraculously be healed or cured. No expectation.’ Just pure love for them to receive.”

Denise’s selflessness and generosity has been a blessing to so many, and it’s the ripple-effect that fuels her dream! But Humanitree House is still a business, and finding the right balance between profit and community service doesn’t come without its challenges.

“I’m only human and there are days when I fear our ability to sustain ourselves operating as a community service initiative with true business expenses,” explains Denise. “But then someone will come in and say ‘this place changed my life and I love you for it.’ When that happens, I’m reassured that the community needs us and we need them.”

Ultimately for Denise, it’s all about finding the right way to marry business and charity! Because choosing one over the other is not an option. And she’s got some advice for those who are looking to do the same.

Let opportunity outweigh fear. When it comes to pursuing any dream, we’re often our own greatest obstacle. If you’ve got a little voice in the back of your head urging you to wait until you’ve got all your ducks in a row, you’re not alone. But it’s actually best to jump in and focus on the opportunity rather than letting your doubts win.

“We started our business with no savings, no loans and only $1,000. To many this would be a terrible decision, but we’ve managed to stay alive for five years,” says Denise. “My best advice would be to never resist giving for fear of losing. We are all given enough and most of us are given more than enough. When you share your more than enough with others, your well will never run dry.”

Redefine success. Success doesn’t need to be linked to the money you’ve got in the bank. Sometimes success means living out your true passions! Just like Denise has done. While finances are certainly important, consider keeping your day job for now and find ways to give back on the side. You never know where it might take you, and not pursuing this dream simply because it doesn’t align with the traditional view of success isn’t a worthy excuse.

“Regardless of what Humanitree House looks like financially, I know we are in the right place doing the right thing,” expresses Denise. “For every single person I help, I receive confirmation that I am in the right place.”

Exude kindness. Here’s a tip that’ll come in handy no matter what your aspirations: always come from a place of kindness. You’d be surprised by the almost instant impact this shift will have! And when you pour kindness into the world, it comes full-circle back to you.

“I encourage everyone to keep their attitudes positive, their words tender and share love,” advises Denise. “Take a moment to talk to someone that you would not ordinarily encounter or speak to. Show them kindness. Through our sharing, we change our families, our communities and, eventually, this world. Start by sharing a kind word to someone every day. You’ll see a change in your life by that small feat.”

Although going after a dream similar to Denise’s can feel uncertain and scary, it really comes down to one basic concept: living your purpose.

If you truly feel that your goals will help you live your best life and impact others along the way, then go for it! One step at a time. Start by keeping these tips in mind and forage your own path forward from there. And have faith that you’ll get back what you put out.

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