Uncover Your Passion in 3 Steps

Tips from a creative entrepreneur and expert dreamer

What do you want to do with your life?

That’s a loaded question. If it fills you with anxiety or uncertainty, you’re not alone — it’s not always easy to uncover our passions . And when we see people around us working towards something big, it can get a little disheartening. But not to worry! You’ve got what it takes to awaken the dreamer within, you’ve just got to be open to possibilities.

Take it from Krista Dolash — founder of Root, a 100% natural and organic makeup company based in Waverly, Iowa.

In 2013 Krista discovered a problem. Her makeup (that was always marketed as natural) was loaded with chemicals. So she took it upon herself to fix it.

“When I was pregnant with my son, I became super aware and conscious about all of the toxic chemicals and ingredients found in everything from the food we were eating to household cleaners and personal care products,” explains Krista. “After looking at the makeup I’d been wearing, I realized how un natural it really was! So I made it my mission to make my own foundation. What started as a hobby then blossomed into launching my foundation for sale.”

For Krista, this experiment was the happy accident that transformed her life. Now she’s pursuing a passion she never knew she had. And she’s here to say you can too! Need some help discovering your next dream pursuit? Take these steps.

Do the things you love. You may not have your dream nailed down just yet, but you’re sure to have hobbies you enjoy — keep playing in those spaces, even if they don’t seem to be paying off at the moment. You never know what activity might spark a new or refined passion.

“I never imagined owning a makeup company would be my life. Not for a second. But I always spent time doing things that I love, which for me is creating things,” says Krista.

Tap into your skills. Beginning a new dream pursuit doesn’t mean you need to leave your past behind. Instead of starting from scratch, consider some of your past experiences and skills and build off of them — it can only amplify your future endeavors.

“Utilizing my background in marketing & graphic design, I created my company branding and online presence for absolutely no cost, other than my time,” says Krista. “With my experience, I felt confident giving my new dream of launching this business a shot!”

Think outside of the box. Your next great venture could be right in front of you, you may just need to shift your way of thinking. Is there a problem you’ve always wanted to solve? Is there a new way you could do things? Take a look at your surroundings, give yourself permission to experiment and be open to new possibilities.

“Then next best thing might just be so simple that you can’t see it. So keeping your eyes open to the possibility of something happening is so important,” encourages Krista. “It might not be what you have always dreamed of, but the real possibility could be something right in front of you that you would never think of if you’re weren’t open to taking the chance.”

Above all else, keep one thing in mind: Be patient. Discovering your passion won’t happen over-night, but just by shifting your mindset and taking Krista’s advice, you’ll get a little bit closer every day! And once you do, it’ll all be worth it.

“Getting to see my dreams play out and share those dreams with my customers and employees, while showing my children that you can make your dreams a reality is by far the most pos itive impact Root has played in my life,” says Krista. “I will never forget this experience, from day one to wherever it goes.”

Want more tips and inspiration? Join the dream movement today — we’ve got just the resources to help support and guide you along any dream pursuit!

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