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Safety Tips for Behind the Wheel

Running a quick errand, getting to work, traveling to visit family — you depend on your four wheels for many things! But with the freedom of jumping in the driver’s seat comes great responsibility. And no matter how many years of experience you have behind the wheel, it’s always a great idea to get a quick refresher on safe driving tips.

Whether you’ve been driving for years or your driver’s license is fresh off the press, now’s the perfect time to take a look at these driving resources to help you improve a skill, learn something new and, most importantly, keep you and others safe on the road.

Learn how to handle different conditions based on the season to stay safer on the road.
Intimidated by parallel parking? Not anymore! Follow these tips and become a pro in no time.
Keeping safe on the road starts with giving your full attention! Follow these tips to prevent distracted driving.
Test your knowledge and see if you remember all the steps necessary to properly park on a hill.
Help your young driver fine-tune their skills with these tips to stay safer and smarter on the road.
Defensive driving is all about being aware behind the wheel. Learn how you can become a more fully engaged driver.
Brush up on your winter-driving skills so when Mother Nature covers the roads with snow and ice, you’re prepared.
While icy winter roads may have melted away, springtime brings its own driving hazards! Here’s what to know to prepare.
Oh deer! Follow these safe driving practices to prevent deer collisions and learn what to do if you hit one.
Hitting a pothole can make even the most seasoned driver cringe! Here’s how to handle potholes to avoid major damage.
You may rely on automatic settings, but it’s still important to know when you should use your headlights for a safer and better drive.
Driving in fog means cranking up the caution! Use these tips to help you safely navigate foggy road conditions.