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Cancel Policy FAQs


How to Cancel Your American Family Insurance Policy

So you’d like to cancel your insurance policy. We get it — whether it’s the cost, a big life change or something else, you might feel the need to cancel a policy. Here’s how to get started:

Cancel Your Insurance Policy

The easiest and most convenient way to cancel a policy with American Family insurance is to call your agent. Not sure how to reach yours? Find them using our agent locator.

Our customer care center is also available at 1-833-381-1155 — they can help direct you to your agent or submit a cancellation request form to your agent on your behalf.

Not sure if you want to cancel?

If you’re on the fence about canceling your insurance policy and are considering canceling for any of the following reasons, we can help.

Lower Your Coverage Limits

Reducing the amount of coverage provided by your policy can help lower your premiums.

Remove Optional Coverages

If you added optional coverage to your policy, you could see a premium reduction if you remove it.

Check for Discounts

You might be eligible for savings based on the policies you hold and other factors. Available discounts include:

Canceling because of coverage options?

If you’re not satisfied with the coverage options available to you, give your agent a call. We’re always working on new ways to provide you with the best insurance around so check with your agent to see what new offerings are available.

Canceling for another reason?

You may just need to review your insurance needs. Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to schedule a personal insurance review so they can help you fine-tune your policy to help you protect what matters most.