Term Life insurance

Temporary, Low-Cost Coverage for Larger Needs

What’s one of the most affordable ways to financially protect the special people in your life who rely on you? We’ve got three words for you: Term Life Insurance.

Term life insurance offers protection for a set period of time — for instance, 20 years. During the set time frame of your policy, premiums and coverage amounts do not change.  Once the initial policy term ends, the policy will renew annually with new rates, unless you decide to cancel the policy.

While people of most ages can benefit from Term Life Insurance, it’s often popular among people seeking the lowest-costing options to provide the coverage they need.  Here are some great features:

  • Temporary protection to help pay off mortgages, loans and other debts, or replace income which your loved ones depend on
  • A choice of 10-, 20- or 30-year level-premium coverage terms
  • The possibility of converting to a permanent policy that offers lifelong protection

There’s so much to gain by getting Term Life Insurance now, so why wait? We’re here for you and can help you get started. Talk to your American Family Insurance agent today, so you can focus on even bigger dreams tomorrow.

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