Visitors to the Farm? Here’s how to Keep Them Safe.

Agritourism is a booming business — and why wouldn’t it be? Picking fresh fruit and vegetables, hayrides, interacting with animals and everything in between gives people the chance to experience the incredible work you get to enjoy every day.

Showcasing your hard work is always fun, but it’s also important to make sure the fun is done safely. Often, guests are inexperienced and include young children, which is why is so important to make sure your guests are protected from potential hazards on the farm. Use this guide to keep all of your visitors — young and old — safe on the farm.

Store safe. It’s important to store all machinery, equipment and tools out of the way of guests — especially curious children. If you’d like to put machinery and equipment on display, that’s A-OK — just be smart about it. If you allow guests to explore the equipment, it’s best to have an employee who is familiar with it supervising the action.

Post signs. Creating signage is probably the simplest way to create a safe environment on your farm. Be sure to create signs with clear language and include images if possible. You can make signs that feature your farm’s rules, warning signs for any hazards, and information in case of an emergency. Remember to post the signs in clear view and to replace old signs when needed.

Clear walkways. The best way to prevent trips, slips and falls is to have clear paths throughout your farm. Make walkways as smooth as possible by filling in any holes and removing debris. Also be sure to add sturdy handrails to any stairs.

Control traffic. Minimize headaches for your guests, neighbors and other drivers by clearly marking where visitors should park. That way, you’ll reduce the risk of illegal parking and congestion. Also keep in mind that many visitors may not have experience driving near farm vehicles, so try to direct them towards roads and areas that reduce risk of contact.

Think like a kid. Let’s be honest, kids create mischief — so it’s best to be one step ahead of them. Survey your farm through the eyes of a child, and see if you can spot any accidents waiting to happen. Think about open water, stacked bales of hay, machinery, fences and ladders, and animals — and be sure to minimize risk by removing any potential for injury, adding warning signage, or roping off that section of your farm.

Before you’re ready to open your farm up to guests and letting the fun begin, your agent can help make sure everything is in order with a personal insurance review. That way you’ll be all set for a safe and exciting season!

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