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Why Get Rental Reimbursement Coverage?

Accidents happen and when they do, you’ll need all the support you can get. After all, life doesn’t just stop because your car is in the shop. You’ll need a rental, and we can help!

Who Pays for a Rental Car After an Accident?

If you find yourself on two feet instead of four wheels, your rental reimbursement coverage can help pay for the cost of a car rental when your car’s damages are covered by your comprehensive and collision coverage. This can include things like damage from a car accident, by severe weather, theft or vandalism.

There are two options when using your rental reimbursement coverage:

Approved provider. If you rent a car from an approved provider, you can have them bill your insurance company directly.

Car rental business of your choice. If you rent a car from a car rental business of your choice, you’ll pay for the cost up front and submit receipts and a claim form in order to be reimbursed for the cost to rent the vehicle.

Typically, there is a per-day and per-accident limit for your rental reimbursement coverage. This means your insurance policy will pay a certain amount per day for a rental vehicle, and once you’ve reached the per-accident limit, the coverage will end. So if you’re expecting repairs to take a while, it would be wise to choose a lower-cost vehicle to make sure your coverage doesn’t run out before the vehicle is repaired.

Keep in mind, though rental reimbursement coverage is a life-saver in most cases, it doesn’t cover a rental if your car is in the shop for normal maintenance or repairs.

Why Do You Need Rental Car Coverage?

Not convinced you need this coverage? Consider these reasons why adding it to your auto policy is a great idea:

  • Daily rental costs add up fast, and your car could be in the repair shop for up to two weeks.
  • A year of rental reimbursement coverage typically costs less than a one-day car rental.
  • You choose the level of coverage that works for you. That means you can drive the vehicle that’s just right for your unique lifestyle!

Trusted Partnership

Because we believe in providing the very best service and support, we’ve partnered with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to give you the experience of two trusted brands working together to keep you on the road.

Get Covered Today

The right time to get auto rental reimbursement coverage is before you need it — and your agent can help! Contact them today to add this smart protection on to your auto policy.

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