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OEM Coverage

Auto Insurance Add-On

  • Helps source new original equipment manufactured parts to be used in the repair of your car following damage.
  • Sourced by the expert technicians repairing your vehicle

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What is OEM coverage?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) coverage helps minimize the use of aftermarket parts when your car's being repaired.
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How OEM Coverage Protects Your Car

OEM coverage gives you the option to have your car repaired with original parts rather than aftermarket parts following a covered loss if they are available. Here are some ways OEM coverage can be used.

Did you know?

Aftermarket parts are regulated differently in every state. Some states regulate how insurers estimate aftermarket parts.
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Another Driver Rear-Ends Your Car**

You’re driving on the highway and your vehicle is rear-ended by another car. With OEM parts insurance, repairs made to your car can be made with OEM parts if available.
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Cars Used at High Mileage**

Your new job requires you to commute longer distances. If you drive a lot, your car is more likely to experience an accident. OEM coverage can help you replace damaged parts due to a covered loss with original parts from the manufacturer if they’re available.
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Damaged Radiator**

Your car overheats because the radiator is damaged by a rock on the highway. We would still pay for the damage regardless of OEM coverage depending on your selected auto coverage. But OEM coverage lets you replace parts with those from the manufacturer if available.
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