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Farm & Ranch Insurance Coverage

Custom coverage for your home and business that works as hard as you.

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Coverage in a Farm & Ranch Insurance Policy

Protecting your property and its structures helps you maintain a successful operation. Our customizable coverage lets you build a single policy for all your coverage needs under one roof.
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What Does Farm & Ranch Insurance Cover?

Farm & Ranch Insurance Coverage Types

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Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage protection covers the structure of your home, including fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, vandalism, theft and more.
An old tree collapses onto your home in a storm, leaving your possessions intact but the roof exposed. Dwelling coverage can pay to repair that hole and keep the rain out.
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Farm Personal Property Coverage

This farm insurance coverage provides protection for machinery and equipment, livestock and a broad selection of farm equipment.
Your tractor overturns in rough terrain, and it’s just not working right anymore. Farm personal property coverage gets you back in the saddle by funding repairs.
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Additional Living Costs and Loss of Rent

If the home you’re renting out to tenants becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, this policy helps pay for the fair rental value.
A fire breaks out in your kitchen, destroying the room and spreading smoke and soot throughout your home. Living costs coverage helps you pay for a hotel or rent elsewhere while your home is repaired and cleaned.
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Farm Outbuilding Coverage

While dwelling coverage is for your home, farm outbuilding coverage protects your barns, machine sheds, detached garages and any other listed outbuildings.
A windstorm damages your machine shed, l Farm outbuilding coverage assists with the rebuilding effort.
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Farm Liability Coverage

This farm insurance policy delivers protection for the unexpected — including bodily injury, medical expenses or farm property damage — and can be supplemented with an umbrella policy.
An improperly latched gate leads to your horse breaching its paddock. It gets in the road and causes an accident. Farm liability helps pay for the damage to the vehicles, plus bodily injury to the drivers and passengers.

Optional Farm & Ranch Insurance Coverages

Protect your home and livelihood from unexpected losses with these coverage add-ons.
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Farm & Ranch Safety

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Farming Smart

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Loss Control for Your Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our farm and ranch insurance FAQs. Your local American Family Insurance agents are also happy to answer your coverage questions.
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Why do I need a farm policy?

Farms are unique in that their property includes a home, farm structures and personal property for farming operations. Farm policies are a combination of home insurance and business insurance, offering greater protection than either could on their own.
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If I have a farm with multiple living quarters for my employees, can I cover the buildings?

The living quarters could qualify and be listed as additional dwellings, and the dwelling structures could be insured.
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Can I cover my livestock?

Farm personal property coverage can cover livestock, and more individual plans like livestock and farm equipment breakdown coverages can provide greater protection. Grain elevators and silos are covered under outbuildings.
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Can I cover grain elevators or silos?

Yes. Grain elevators and silos are covered as farm structures.
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How will my farm policy pay for heavy machinery and farm equipment?

It can pay for repairs and replacement of machinery and farm equipment caused by a covered claim. Farm income protection coverage can even reimburse you for lost income from damaged property.

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