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Moving to Another State?

Updated April 1, 2024 . AmFam Team

Whether you’re moving across the border or across the country — congratulations! Relocating to a new area brings fresh starts, new friends and endless opportunities just waiting to be uncovered.

There’s a lot to do: hiring professional movers, finalizing your real estate purchase and everything else that’s got to get done. To help you handle the move, we’ve put together this checklist.

Prioritize Your Interstate Move

You’ve got a lot to do before you move, and it’s important to stay organized. Take a look at this DIY checklist to help you get a handle on what to do in the weeks to come:

Manage Important Documents

If you are in the process of purchasing a home, be sure you’ve got a plan in place to manage your files, both physically and electronically. Be sure you’re storing sensitive documents securely to help safeguard your identity from fraud and theft. Designate a safe place to store your social security cards, medical records, motor vehicle files and other financial documents.

File a Change of Address With the USPS

Get online and file a forwarding address notice with the post office. You can also go into a local post office and inform them of your move date.

Document Moving Expenses

Store quotes from each moving company in a file folder. Once you’ve received at least three offers, choose the one that works best for your budget. Track your moving expenses in this folder so you’ll be able to find them when tax time rolls around.

Manage Medical Needs

This is an important moving checklist item. Get updated address details to your primary care physician and your health insurance company. Review refills of prescriptions and request that your physician renew them ahead of time at a pharmacy in your new city. Have your medical records transferred too.

Download a Moving App

Leverage the digital age and lean on an app to help you stay ahead of it all. Apps like Move Advisor and Unpakt are great free options that help you attend to important due dates for tasks in an intuitive and smart interface.

Get in Touch with Your Financial Institution

If you currently are using a local bank, make sure to switch your accounts over to a new one in your soon-to-be-home.

Contact Your Utility Companies

Cancel gas, water, sewer, garbage, electric, phone, internet, cable — and return any rentals, like garbage cans and modems, to the appropriate company. Also remember to update or cancel any services like newspaper and magazine subscriptions, yard work or babysitters.

Plan for the Upcoming School Year

Get a head start on back to school tasks for the kids. Contact your child’s school and be sure to both obtain their records and have them transferred to their new school.

Get an Updated Insurance Quote

While buying a new house or renting an apartment typically requires updates to your insurance, moving out of state can also mean a change of laws. Because this can affect your car, cycle, boat, RV, etc., it’s important to have a chat with your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) about your move. Remember to update them with your new address.

Finally, check off the “take care of the essentials” box. Now, you can focus on organizing your move, your family and the life that awaits you in your new community. Good luck with your new adventure!

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