Moving Out of State Checklist

Whether you’re moving across the border or across the country — congratulations! Moving brings fresh starts, new friends, and endless opportunities just waiting to be uncovered. We know you’ve got a handle on the moving basics, so we’ve compiled this list of often overlooked actions to complete before you hop in the car to start your new life. So between the moving boxes, tape, and packing peanuts, make room in your schedule to run through this essential checklist.

Change address. You already know to leave a forwarding address at the post office, but there’s more to it. Also update any subscriptions, financial accounts, online accounts — and family and friends! You don’t want grandma’s holiday fruitcake to end up lost in the mail, do you?

Transfer bank. If you currently are using a local bank, make sure to switch your accounts over to a new one in your soon-to-be-home.

Update insurance. While buying a new house or renting a new apartment typically requires updates to your insurance, moving out of state can also mean a change of laws — and can affect your car, boat, RV, etc. So it’s important to have a chat with your agent pre-move.

Take care of utilities. Cancel gas, water, sewer, garbage, electric, phone, internet, cable — and return any rentals, like garbage cans and modems, to the appropriate company. Also remember to cancel any services like newspaper, yard work, babysitters, etc.

Think of the children. Contact your child’s school and be sure to either obtain their records, or have them transferred to their new school, so they’re all set for the first day of school in a new locale.

Stay healthy. Contact your doctor and dentist and have the family’s records transferred to your new provider. And don’t forget Fido’s vet records, too!

Now that you’ve taken care of the essentials, you can focus on organizing your move, your family, and the life that awaits you in your new state. Bon voyage!

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