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How to Infuse Creativity Into Your Dream Pursuit

When it comes to pursuing your dream, there’s a lot that goes into it — time, patience, grit, commitment. Why not add creativity to the list?

Even if your dream is not inherently artistic, inspiring your journey through creativity can really help along the way! Take it from a dreamer who knows.

Sarah Van Dyke, former IT specialist now proud owner of Revel in Madison, Wisconsin is the first to admit she’s not the most creative person she knows.

Although her business is centered on curating creative and lifestyle workshops — everything from calligraphy and watercolor painting to flower arranging and craft cocktail mixing — she’s not an artist at heart.

“The core concept with Revel is to provide an inspiring, comfortable and fun space where people can enjoy spending time catching up with friends. A place where they can get out of their everyday routine and try something new,” says Sarah. “Ironically, however, I don’t consider myself to be a terribly creative person! At least not in the artistic sense.”

In fact, Sarah’s business is meant not to gather all the artistic types to make beautiful masterpieces, but rather to encourage the idea that creativity for creativity’s sake can help infuse some joy into our lives and inspire us along the way — no matter what your artistic abilities!

“Regardless of what you do, I think it’s important to get out of your daily routine or ‘rut’ as often as possible. With busy lives, this definitely requires a bit of creativity! But it’s amazing how doing one little thing each day or week can spark new ideas, allow you to cross paths with new people and even boost your mood.”

So, no matter what dream you’re pursuing, remember that embracing creativity just might help! And know that creativity can take many different forms. Here are just a few easy ways you can start inserting it into your life.

Get social. Branch out of your daily routine and meet or interact with people in a new way. Go to a new restaurant, take a different route on your daily walk, suggest going to a craft bar (like Revel!) with your friends instead of doing the same-old thing.

“You never know when you’ll meet someone who can help you take that next giant step forward!” says Sarah.

Try a new hobby. Start doing things you’ve always been curious about but never had the confidence to tackle. This could be anything — think cooking, crafting, writing, hiking. And don’t be hard on yourself as you go! It’s not about the end result, it’s about the journey.

Take baby steps. Like any new skill or routine, it’ll take time to master.

“Do one little thing each day or week that gets you closer. Eventually those baby steps will start to add up and you’ll get the momentum you need,” says Sarah.

This goes for any dream pursuit or creative endeavor!

Turn to others. “Find role models, mentors and others who inspire you,” suggests Sarah. “These people can be great resources for advice, encouragement and more!”

Know a good cook? Ask to watch them prep a meal. Have a DIY expert in the family? See if they’ll help with your next crafting project.

Even if your creative endeavors aren’t your end goal, take these steps to start embracing creativity in your life and see the impact it can have on your dream pursuit. And always keep Sarah’s closing words in mind.

“In the midst of all the work, never forget how lucky you are to be living your dream! Not everyone gets that chance.”

Want more tips and motivation? Join the dream movement today — we’ve got just the resources to help support and guide you and your family along any dream pursuit.

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